what's the widest rear tire i can use?

im sick and tired of diggin' ditches with the BRP! :cry: the stock rear tire size just dosnt get the grip on the dirt. Ive used 3 tires up that came with the bike. anyone know if i can put something wider on the rear? the 4.60 just seems lame or do i just deal with fact that this M.F'k'er has more torque than can be put into traction? : :cry:

What Kind Of Tires Are You Using. Are You Riding Primarily Dirt??

The Michelin Baja is 140 and it fits. Grips like a mo-fo also. Kind of pricey though.

I definately going to try the teraflex on my next tire change. Don't you have to take off the mud flap and put a shock sock on to make it fit?

BTW the dunlop 606 just came out with a 140 rear tire now. I'm trying that now. Not too bad. Haven't had much swapping or sliding in the desert and baja so far. Did decent in the blow sand. Nothing to write home about.

Bruce I'm curious as to why you don't like the Michelin Baja. I thought it hooked up really well in desert conditions. Pretty damn good also on the tight hard pack slick stuff also. :cry:

The bad thing about tire write ups is, where and how, it is tested. The Baja tire is great in the sand and lose dirt. I liked it on a plowed MX track almost as much as the M5B but, once the ground get a little hard you can't stop :cry: and it just spins all day long. I still have one on the XR400 and on asfalt in a panic stop you would do better jumping off the bike. Good thing for front brake and doing stoppies :cry: It's a DOT tire and it sucks on the road. On the Hard Pack, like at 3rd Gear Pinned had it was just straight out dangerous. That is where I did most of the riding when I had it on the BRP. We tried to figure out what the difference was that caused it to be so, pathetic compared to tires that are simular and we decided (not that we know anything) that it's knobbies werre bending over from the torque and samething on hard braking. the stress marks at the knobbies were way up there. Take it out and slam on the brakes at 50 and messure how long it takes you to stop just using the back brack. Then get any other tire and do the same..........that will tell you. It hooked up on jagged desert rocks but, what won't? If you are just out in the desert it's a great tire.

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