Carb Mods

I am throwing the 68s in tonite, to adjust the needle, do you open the top unscrew the two small bolts and is that how you access the needle? Is the middle a good position for So. California riding? Also is it in the best interest of the BRP to remove the choke plate colpletely for more flow? My pig starts second kick every time right now rarely using choke. Also, is it a good idea to plug the small hole in the side of the carb as Bruce suggest in his write up.I will be riding on the street soon.And.......what is the best air filter cleaner? :cry:

Where is the air screw and which is the fuel screw? What settings are best, again, 175 main piped uncorked and xrs full pipe/header.

There are two reasons for removing the springed flap on the choke plate; The first is after time it brakes off and the small part go into your engine :cry::cry:

The second it changes the way the air flows when you have the choke on. For most it makes the engine start easier for an un-corked bike. I would not remove the whole choke plate.

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