Feckin' Jaysus...i Hate This!!!

I Spent the last four hours replacing a front and rear tire on my yzf 450. I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! If I have to shovel horse sheeit to pay somebody I will. I have 2 bloody knuckles and a bloddy knee cap. plus I wasted HALF A DAY! I can't justify buying a tire changer when I only change tires once a year...I thought 4 tire irons and some soapy water would do the trick...I almost gave up....but I got that bastard.

anyone one want to share some tricks or horror stories...? you know the hardest thing was getting the valve stem out of the hole in the rim, on the front wheel especially.

sorry...i needed to vent....need to get the wheels back on....

Have a good weekend fella's.


The first time I changed mine after I finally got them on I felt like I had been 12 rounds w/Mike Tyson. I vowed just as you to never do it again.

My local shop charges me 15 bucks a wheel to change them. Best 15 bucks I ever spent!

You can not put a price on sanity!

the more you do it the better you get.. i have a couple of needlenose pliars that i use to pull the valve through.

It looks silly but i put the wheel on my lap and the tire irons are used to pry the side open to get at the stem. I rest them on my shoulders(tire irons) and use one pair of pliars to get the valve started through the hole and another to pull it through. takes me less than a minute now to get the valve done

A warm tire is a heck of a lot easier to change than a cold tire. Put both old tire/wheel and new tire in a locked car in direct sunlight for a couple of hours. This may be hard to achieve in your neck of the woods this time of the year :cry:

Once you have the bead broken, make sure the opposite side of the side you are trying to spoon off/on is in the center recess of the rim. This is an absolute must or you are going to be cussing like a sailor wondering why the danged thing wont come off/go on.

Use very soapy water to help the bead seat after you have the tire on.

Changing tires is my least favorite part of motorcycle ownership :cry:

Changing Tires is the absolute worst thing I have tried - after pinching tubes and busted up knuckles and cussing obsentities - it just ain't worth the stress

I also pay to get mine changed period - oh and putting tires on that last more than 3/4 rides is important :cry:

I used to feel / dread the same thing. Read that "Transworld" article it's good. Taking the tires off both sides before removing the tube and then just push the tire off , works great! I also use the dish soap strait, not watered down, it still dries up and goes away, but makes installing and seating the bead a lot easire. Another trick I've found is to cut up small strips of the bottom of vinyl siding to use between the rim and spoons. It really save from narfing up the rims. I've put many a tire on my boy's bike and they have black Excells with no scratches from tire mounting. Practice & believe, you can do it! :cry:

wow the first time i change my front tire it only took me 20 min the most. but i also watched my dad do it for years but it just took my 3 tire irons and pulled it off and put a new tire on..

just dont have a shop put it on for you then you wll never no how to do anything your self. i have a friend like that he doesnt do anything to his bike at all. not even wheel bearings. so now he just sends the bike out for a so cal (checkup). every year.

I was the same way when I first tried it. :cry: Now it only takes me a couple of minutes to do it. :cry: You only need 2 quality spoons, I actually only have 1 and then a use an old filed down pry bar(because I'm cheap) :cry:

First you gotta pull out the valve core and then break the bead lock. Just loosen the nut all the way and use your spoon to push it down.

Start by breaking the beads on both sides, once you get one side the other is easier. Take the straight end of you spoon and just pry down between your rim and tire. You may have to use some arm muscle her but it will go. Work you way around.

Now dig out your tire using the lip side of your spoon, once you get a peice up and out hold that spot. Take the other spoon and start working it the same way close to the spot you are holding. All you will need is 2 spoons and work your way around. Use windex or any glass cleaner to spray around the bead, this will make it slide easy. :cry: Once 1 side is done pull out the tube where the stem is. With the tube out flip the rim and get a bite on the other side pull the bead over the rim the same way you did the first side. Once you have about 3-4 inches of the bead off the rim you can take your other spoon and pry the tire off, going between the rim and bead. USE LOTS OF WINDEX :cry: Lay the tube flat and let it fill with air on its own. Put baby powder on the inside of your new tire. Stuff the tube in the tire, make sure it is even and not kinked. Pull the valve stem thru and thread the nut on, just hand tight. Go to the rim lock and put that in the and then hand tighten the nut on that. I just leave it really loose. I start at the rim and work my way around. Just take small bites with the spoons and use ALOT OF WINDEX around the bead and rim. I use a moving blanket and work on my kitchen floor. I can get both tires done in half an episode of South Park(15min). Just takes practice and a little patience. That is a great link also that was sent.

I have always been way to cheap to pay a shop to swap my tires. Even 15 bucks...Thats 2 new goggle lenses, 1 pack of tear offs and a bottle Gatorade! Another ten bucks and that's what it costs for open practice at our local track up herre! Just like other things in life, lots of lube will mak the job way easier! I swipped a tub of tire lube from a big truck tire shop....makes life way easier...that an the longest tire iron possible!

I love the post. Decent tire irons are a huge part. I like the zip tire irons. I usually use 4 of them.

The problem with not changing your own tires is the flat tires. I have seen people lose an entire day of riding because they could not change a tire. This sucks!

I'm with ya mate, first time I tired it I spent a good 5hrs doing them only to find that I had punctured both tubes, F$%#@! Second time I tried it and I forgot the rimlock, F$%@#! :cry: :cry: :cry:

So from now on the local shop fits them for free if I buy the new tyre from them. If they won't i'll just find a shop that will. IMO i'd rather rip into the top end than change a bloody tyre. :cry::cry:

If you lube everything real well and put just enough air in the tube to hold its shape when you put it in the tire you'll never pinch the tube.

I hear ya. I'm like you. I only do this once a year which doesn't seem to be often enough to get good at it. I changed mine on my 426 and 450 about a month ago. Same story. A whole afternoon down the drain. :cry: : What's worse, after cussing a blue streak, beating the crap out of my knuckles and the rim, the damn tube had a hole in it. :cry: . Instead of being done, I had to start all over. Arrrrghhhhh! It is true though, the more you do it the easier it is. The second time around was much easier. Although next year about this time I'll probably be posting about this again.

I'm with Mr. Cannon on this one. If you get a flat riding what are you going to do, beg someone or not ride?

BTW the Maxxis tires are a mother to mount.

BTW the Maxxis tires are a mother to mount.

This is true. They seem to be twice as hard to mount, but last about twice as long so I think the equation balances out.

The tire I have the hardest time swapping is the Michelin M12. The sidewalls are so stiff and the carcass seems narrower than most. Part of the joy of racing motocross in the Pacific Northwest is being able to put them mud tires on between motos cuz a thunderstorm just rolled in and washed out what started the day as a beautiful, dry track!

Starttman, I was wondering about you! Haven't seen you around, Im glad your OK dude.


Buy a 5/8 bolt 6 inches long and a nut and put it in a vice then put your wheel on it and fingertight the bolt, then you can work on the whole thing much easier, also no chance of putting a tire iron through your sack if you are trying to do it on your lap! :cry:

holy shit, $15 to change 1 tyre. down here in australia they do it for free if u buy the tyre off them. 15US is like 25AUD. thats heaps, could buy a pair of gloves for that.

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