Feckin' Jaysus...i Hate This!!!

my local shop installs them for $4 each...call me a whimp gut they get my $4 everytime!

I've been changing my own for years-one tip you guys might find usefull-take a pair of small vise grips and wrap both jaws with alot of electrical tape-after you get one side on and your tube in place clamp the vise grips on the rim to hold the bead down in the drop center of the rim(instead of trying to hold it there)now take your time and only move around 1 or 2 inches at a time as you progress around use your free hand to hold the tire down in the drop center as you go-and dont jam the tire iron in to far-thats how you pinch the tube-hope this helps :cry:

The local shope here charges 11 if you take it off the bike and 15 if you bring in the bike. I have all the stuff to change it myself but they get it done in about a half hour depending on what is going on. I just drop off the bike and go have lunch then come back and pick it up. If you figure It will take you only an hour to do all that at best and then pay yourself what you get paid at work it will caust me more to do it myself than to pay them to do it. The local shope also sets up a booth at the local track just for selling tires gloves and all that and they also bring their tire changing mechine. I dont think that it is worh the hasle of doing myself. :cry:

holy shit, $15 to change 1 tyre. down here in australia they do it for free if u buy the tyre off them. 15US is like 25AUD. thats heaps, could buy a pair of gloves for that.

Man I know people that have paid 40.00 per tire to have them installed on rims... :cry:

A warm tire is a heck of a lot easier to change than a cold tire. Put both old tire/wheel and new tire in a locked car in direct sunlight for a couple of hours. This may be hard to achieve in your neck of the woods this time of the year :cry:

Once you have the bead broken, make sure the opposite side of the side you are trying to spoon off/on is in the center recess of the rim. This is an absolute must or you are going to be cussing like a sailor wondering why the danged thing wont come off/go on.

Use very soapy water to help the bead seat after you have the tire on.

So true.... Having the bead in the center of the rim gives you more material to work with... It's the secret to life....

BZR, Yep those Maxxis are mothers..... :cry:

I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fortunate to know 5 guys that work at local shops.

An 18 pack of Bud bottles and they are changed!!!!!!!! :cry:

I've always changed my own tires until recently when I bought a new S-12 for the winter and as I already had the rear wheel off to re-grease the bearings I had the dealer put the tire on for me. It was so worth it. I pack spare tubes when I ride and will be glad I know how to change a tire should I get a flat, but from now on, I'll have the dealer change my tires when I get a new one.

Starttman, I was wondering about you! Haven't seen you around, Im glad your OK dude.


yea i'm still around...been a rough few months... but still alive.

gonna be ok.


My local shop charges me 15 bucks a wheel to change them. Best 15 bucks I ever spent!

And easiest $15 they for 10 minutes work they ever got too. :cry:

Warm tyre, long levers and plenty of baby powder, 10 minutes tops

OK since I have changed probably 200 tires in my life I will give you a few of

my tricks that will make it easier to change your tires......

1, First get yourself a good platform for the tire/rim assy to sit while your

working on it

Tire changer tub

2.I start and finish at the valve stem, usually with it right in front of me.

Start point

3. Push the tire down from the oppisite side so you will bring as much of the

tire toward you as the other side sucks into the rim.....

Push down tire

4. Keep plenty of tire lube on the tire especially where your irons are being used, and make short movements with the irons like every two or three inches. (Big jumps make it too hard to pry the tire)

The rest is practice and always remember, keep the tire right in front of you.

This job should take you about one and a half hours max......including R&R

the tires form bike....


I can do the tire in 10 min. Thats inculdes takeing it off the bike, changeing the tire, installing it back on the bike.

Tire changing is very easy if you have the right tools and know how to work them. I can change any tire in 10 minutes with 3 Motion Pro curved Irons and a can of Yamaha Tire Mount Lube. The only trick to the whole process is knowing where to insert the first Iron and lock it down in place under the Rotor and then working the other two irons around the rim. Remounting is very easy if you use the lube on the bead first. I mount Trelleborgs all the time and those have the hardest sidewalls known to man, not to mention that they are the hardest to get a Heavy duty tube stem lined up properly. It's all in the tecnique.

Bonzai :cry:

By far the easiest way to line up the valve stem is to use a tire iron. Once you have the tire half way on, use a tire iron and insert it underneath the tire(both sidewalls)until you hook the other side of the rim. Pry down to expose the hole in rim, insert valve stem, and then pull the sidewall up over the tube. This should take about 5-10 seconds. Pulling the sidewall up over the tube will not cause any harm to the tube. I have used this method over a thousand of times. When I was young I worked at a Bob's Cycle Supply and Volunteered to change tires. I received and extra $1? or two a tire and changed every one they mounted.

It takes me about a moto to change two tires. It is very easy once you learn how. I will gladly pay someone to change ATV tires however.

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