Question on tightening front axle

Sorry if this is a very basic question, but I just changed the front tire, and when I went to tighten the axle holder nuts I noticed something odd. There is a 3/8" gap in between the fork and the odometer casing where the front axle is visible. Should this gap be closed before tightening the axle holder nuts?


Not sure what your axle looks like but I think mine tapers down right at the odometer drive, so the space shouldn't matter. I wouldn't push the fork in if it doesn't want to be there.

If your odo. drive can move away from the hub you've got a problem.

Hopefully your forks aren't bent. You might check them by loosening the triple clamps and turning them to check for runout.

Good luck

Mine has a similar gap. I believe the shoulder on the axle holds the od drive in the right position. The clamp area (shoulder) is larger than the rest of the axle. All from my memory and it's not to good. David

Before you tighten the axle cap, the axle is torqued to 65 foot pounds. For the can 9 pounds for the two top nuts first then the bottom nuts .

Here's the deal- Tighten the axle, hold the brake & bounce the front end up and down as hard as you can three or four times. This process aligns the forks- reducing binding, premature seal wear and seal leakage. After you've done that, tighten the pinch bolts..

I never heard of the wheel-bounce deal....sounds good to me...thanks for the new tip ...

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