Am I the only one who is excited??? 90/100-21 front tire

The first new sized front tire in 147 years. I wonder if it will be better than the old tire??

I bought one and the intiial report is very good. Great traction on the frozen ground.

I am lookin' forward to tryin' one out here in the Puget Sound mud!

What brand, style & where?

my girlfriends dad runs a 90/100 on his 1984 yamaha tt600. ktm runs it on all there bikes. 80/100 is old but works well for most people. the 20in tires never took off unless ya had alots of money like the pros.

The tire is a brigestone 401F. Rocky Mountain has them for 49.00

Which also means Thumpertalk will probably have them as well. I live close to RM so no shipping charges.

The Dunlop version is suppose to be available in the first part of 05. I believe this 401f is the tire chosen for the front of the Suzuki RMZ 450. They are also using the 120/90-19 on the rear of the new bike.

So, to a tire newb, how does that tire compare to the stock 80/100 that comes on the yz450?

What's the difference?

its wider

so how would that tire work for motocross? Interested to hear

The Get Better Traction

according to motorcross action magazine the wider tire, better traction in every condition but mud.

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