Meaningless Baja talk...I got lucky

Today I was lucky enough to be at Jimmy Sones place again. (Baja racer from years ago)He does something with the Malcolm’s Smiths Baja tours and some of the support guys. Sones owns one of the motorcycle exhaust pipe manufacture brands for Goldwings, they were making the shop bigger (just finishing the drywall) while I was there. He worked as a manager for Al Baker's XR's Only back in 85 ~ 86 when Barnum was a mechanic there. He worked with the Malcolm Smith crew at this years, Baja 1000. What a different perspective of how it all went down! Who he though cheated and who he thought didn't. What cheating wasn't really cheating and what was defiantly cheating. I talked to Allen Rice also, he welded one of my stock rims awhile back. Man, the stories of the ratty things that some of the "Guy’s" we think are cool! Man, how they think one is a RAT and does shady business! Jimmy thinks the Honda team was honest winners! He thought they earned it. It was nice to have someone I look up to check out my bike. How difficult it is to sall yourself because it is attached to you product as is if you win or not and how that drives cheating. If you get hurt or plow you machine and are a little guy that could be the end of you. It might look cool from the outside looking in but, it's a major rat race and some steel, cheat, lie what ever to just stay afloat. I have never been one to jump in and get into the mess, been down there many many times but, always on the fringe. Tried it back in 85' and got hurt, but hearing the inside scoop from the guy's in the know, it kinda takes some of the dazzle and shine from some of the guys that live off of these races and makes you think twice about who you have work on your bike. Short cuts, trading parts with customers bikes....on, and on. This isn't much of a post more of a bost about LOL Jimmy Sones is just a cool guy. He took the time to show me the suspension ins and out's and is just a genuine giver! You would think he would acked like a big shot but, stops and helps when he sould be doing something else. I don't know how tall he is but, he is almost as tall as a door jam!

stay in school kids.

That was painful to reed...


Keeping it real!!!! AWESOME. Name some names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway---I hear ya.

Yeah Baja cheating has been out of control. IMHO every pro team that won its class in the 2001 Baja 1000 cheated--. At least 3 of the class winners in the 2002 Baja 1000 cheated. In 2003 at least 3 class winners cheated. There was cheating again at this years 2004 race. The stories you can hear about Honda cheating over the last decade + are AMAZING. In fact if i didnt know some of the guys who tell them personally--i just woulndt believe it!

The Baja 1000 next year will have GPS recorders on all the bikes. Only then will we know who is fastest. For the last decade its been a 'parade' with the outcome pre-determined. If you ever have the chance to talk to anyone who rides in the Honda helicopter--ask them what goes on! Its SCARY weird. Like borders on psycho.

Heres my take: The entire moto-industry is lame. Totally lame. There is such a small piece of pie they are chasing, and there are such big egos, and the actors involved tend to be very very competitive....its a bad combo!

I for one will never work in the biz, and i feel sorry for those who are stuck in it. Stay in school--become a fireman and marry a hot blonde!!!!!!

Heres just a little personal example:

Myself and 3 other guys each individually have decided to race the Dakar Rally. Its not a story like Ricky goes undefeated all season--but its a cool little example of David vs. Goliath in the worlds biggest sand box........

Now we are just enthusiasts. Good riders, but not pros. ANyway--we have the passion to go for it-and we will be on the starting line in Barcelona--each of us spending $30K or more.

Do you think any of the moto-journals would even think about doing an interview, even a blurb or two?

ZERO interest. How about OLN or Speedvision? ZERO interest.

Cycle News? NOPE. Dirt Rider? NADA. even declined my offer for FREE reporting of the entire Dakar--as in i would call them from my satellite phone and download pics and tell them how its going, all on my dime! And then they insulted my offer(s) by telling me i wasnt serious! What i realized was the guy i was talking to at Off was an idiot. He was -- like the rest of the moto industry -- only interested in promoting his buddies. If ya read you will see race coverage often includes only the quads. LIttle or no mention of bikes or trucks. Thats becouse the dude wants to promote himself, and his buddies--and that is the kind of UN-PROFESSIONALISM that runs throughout the off-road it journalism, after market, dealers, promoters, mechanics, whatever.

I have gotten numerous calls and emails and inquiries from Europe about the USA Dakar privateers. NOT ONE CALL BACK FROM ANYONE IN THE USA.

IN fact--the French are pushing the Orange County Register to do an article about us!! How retarded is that?! We dont want to be rock stars, but we really really really do want others to join us in the future and race Dakar with us. And a few blurbs in the press would be a nice way to thank those cool dudes in the industry who have helped us out. But NOoooo, nothing from the US Moto press. We arent part of the 'in' crowd. We might steal some of the thunder from Orange. To me its just PATHETIC to see how the moto system works! SO SO SO PETTY. So juvenile.

There are exceptions. For sure. And when ya find small businesses or individuals that rise above the petty, clicky, narrow little self-promote and put-down-the-other-guy mentality its worth going back to them!

Its also worth blasting the aholes in the industry ya run into -- do it right here on TT!! Promote the cool guys who take the time and do it right! Paul from Spyder Grips= AWESOME! Randy from GPR stabilizers=AWESOME! Dan from BAJA DESIGNS=AWESOME!, ANNIE the RALLYPRINCESS=TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! There are lots of great guys and chicks in the indutry --but there are a lot of lame ducks as well. Shoot them--its still duck season!

We--the moto enthusiasts are such sheep. We are so timid and afraid to stand up and say--"this is bullcrap"

Look at the CRF250X. Its now in its second model year--and Honda still hasnt fixed the valves that self-destruct after a few hundred miles. Its a horrilbe design. But lots of CRF250X owners just say "hey, its ok, we will just replace the valves every few months" WEIRD.

Or the 650R with the footpeg that falls off. 5 production years and it still falls off. I have read on here guys saying -- "oh , thats ok, i can live with the footpeg falling off" CRAZY.

I gotta go -- time for my anger management class!


I would love to help promote your efforts on my site! It isn't much but, if you guide me some maybe we can help make it a big deal??? A link that I can post on all the groups as the race unfolds, some links to your sponcers, little pictures you can take with your cell phone? Something to make it personal. I have about 55 giga bites of server space so, lets fill it up for a month or so! I don't think I have a limit on bandwidth. I would love to race with you from my chair! :cry:

Pat Chicas...AKA owner of is a major off road guy but he goes where the money is at. If is going to cover an event and put up results on the web(requires labor and web space)...they want to get paid for it...its business I understand that. Now if you called me and told me you want me to put all the results and pics up...I would have no problem.

There is got to be away to name names without getting the back lash of those that think these rats are Hero's. I got facts! Steeling getting cought, and then fired! Cheating where and how but, no video so, no dice. Leaving oil out of bikes, just a trail of trash scattered over the years and all covered with fast talk and a bunch of blind followers that want to be close to someone that talks big. Don't want to call it like it is because if you don't fit in you are out. In this industry you don't want to be shund or burn bridges. Some of these guys need genuine help to keep there families afloat but, can't seem to pull it together! Like you I spend money! I am still waiting for a Carburetor I paid for mounths ago! Me I just want what I paid for and want it to work.

Talk about anger managment? :cry: I have blowen up the front of someones house up before! I am not joking, I got caught making a bomb once ok, more then once and have been in a ton of trouble, jail time wasn't cool and messing with the FBI is soooo un-cool but..... Now I am in need for some anger management :lol::D But, am in no way a big racer or big name, I do great work on suspensions but, don't make money on it. It is not what I do for a living so, I can put my heart in it. I can spend all week with a rider and tear his bike apart fifteen time and have a great time with him. All for fun. I am proud of my work. There are some suspensions I have done that I want the rider to come back I think I can make it better but, Jay Lewis thinks it's great and won't let me. Big list of riders off Yahoo group that I did there suspensions for just the price of springs and fluid. I can do that because I have a job that pays well and it makes lasting friends that I can be proud to ride with. Maybe some of the guys with small shops think I am steeling business from them but, most of the suspensions I do are for guys that just won't go and spend the money and they realy need to have it done to have a good time at there riding level. Some of these guys that have small shops....I don't know how they make it? How they even show there face at a race? You would think these guys would do all they could to make a custemer happy so, the word about them doesn't get out. :D:cry::lol::D I think word of mouth goes a lot further then winning a few races????! :cry: Specaily with the inernet and forums like this :cry:

XR650R Web Page Click Here :D:cry:

To everyone who thinks Honda's not going to win the Baja 1000 next year, look at the effort Honda puts into this race. They designed a bike to win this race. I believe the riders are employed full time by Honda year round, not sure correct me if I'm wrong. I read a KTM rider say he saw the bike for the first time 3 days before the race and had about 15 hours of riding time on it before the race. I don't know if Honda cheated, all I'm saying they don't need too to win this race.

Bruce--what kind of bomb?! Thats CRAZY!!!!!Many many times i wanted to make a bomb--but i never got past reading an old copy of The Anarchist Cookbook 20 years ago!! Can you post emails and dispatches for both your site and mine from Dakar? That would be so cool...unitl day 3 when i break my pinky hitting a Moroccan rabbit or something...

Yeah--- i hear ya.....Honda can win without cheating. For sure they can. Hengveld is the fastest rider in the Dez right now. Campbell on a good day is as fast as anyone--although he crashes a lot and isnt getting any younger.

BUT--the KTM team of Grider and Blaise is for sure just as fast, and they know Baja almost as well--and getting to know it better. KTM is just starting out with Baja--they have announced they will race all 3 of the SCORE races in Baja for '05.

What KTM needs is KTM Pits. Maybe i should talk with the Austrians about that when i am over in Barcelona? I've alienated American Honda--why not alienate KTM USA!? Its important to have goals in life....LOL.

All that said:

What the--KTM-- had at this years Baja 1000 was a shambles! I mean it was close to chaos--they didnt have their shit together--at all. Not with the bikes, not with the support, nothing. Thank god a local Baja moto tour operator helped them out or they would still be trying to find rooms in La Paz!!!!!!

So they need someone who knows Baja. Someone who has organized race teams, someone who has support from Austria--so they can get past the "haze of smoke" that clouded the effort this November--and someone who understands how large business work....

With a racer support system--KTM Pits at all BITD, Baja, Big 6 and select SoCal Dual Sport rides(?) they could reach the next level--and i think they are ready for it.

With that they need a KTM Baja Adventure Rides. Just like they have all over the world at you would see Orange the next color in Baja...and everyone would say -- wow these KTM's are so reliable--unlike the CRF Hondabergs!---i gotta tell ya i think Honda is making one HUGE mistake with the Hondabergs. HUGE. What are they thinking? The stars are aligned for KTM to take over Baja--and with that the SoCal off-road market....IF they do it right!! Its just like when Honda took it over from Kawi before that Husqvarna...

Heinz---we still on for lunch?!



This is a sub - domain, your web page. I can change the name for what ever. If you use Front page or an FTP you can up load you stuff and make it the way you want.

This is a sub - domain, your web page. I can change the name for what ever. If you use Front page or an FTP you can up load you stuff and make it the way you want.

Dude! your so wasted!

Well help me out then :cry:

If your talking about the bombs....well no I wasn't but, I did get blasted by a bomb and am missing 12 feet of my intestines, a part of a finger, and I have a road map on my stomach, that was way wasted.

I sent Mr. Kay, some of the info (pm) a was about to send him the password and the rest of the info so he could down load his information from on line, IF he could have that done so, to make it worth looking at or have someone up-load it during the race also. I really am not a computer guy. I have never made a sub - domain before but, this has worked so far. What do I need to do? I know most of what I write is miss spelled and hard to read......sometimes does not make sense but, I can't sit here all day and take the time to check what I write....I stop blast out a few replies and move to the next forum or check me E-mail and go out the door like I am about to do now to go to Church.

There is just soooooooo much wasted about me I am not sure which wasted you are talking about :cry::cry:


Thanks so much for the offer!

Let me talk to Annie in Sweeden who does my website and she can figure out what will work with the sub-domain. I am totally computer stupid.

gimme a couple days to figure this out with her. Should be easy to do ?

Man those bomb wounds sound horrible! Blew out your intestines? Yikes....



It would be nice to have a page that is updated as you go through

the torcher. A sub-domain works like it's your own web site with it's

own password and you can upload to it and make it the way it needs to

look. I don't care if every one has the password that you know....they can all upload what's going on. Have a race page linked off it that tells about the race and then how it's going or went. I am working on it now and the

test domain is If I can get help on how to

make it work then I can make sub - domains like, what ever. I

have 50gigs of space to work with and unlimited bandwidth. I thought

it would be nice if the race fallowers on the group had a page with a picture

of the bike and how it is setup, with a little story of how and

what you have done, what works and what is junk.

Like I said, this one is just a test:

I just cut and pasted that on a blank page but, it can be setup all

different ways. A link to a page about the bike that starts off like

this: and links to pictures

and links to what ever.....come on someone say something....I can't

hear you......oh, the sound isn't on....If that is to much then I can still make a page to link to that can be updated through the day of the stuff from the race and what ever I findout. We can put all you sponcers on it. Trash those that didn't sponcer you (Just Kidding) I would be nice if we did get to know the stuff that failed that you have tried and the stuff that is top notch.

I just got a Motion Pro Termenator Clutch cable and it only lasted seven big rides :cry: I went back to a stock cable :cry:

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