LED turnsignals don't flash

I know there are a couple BRP's with flushmount LEDs. Anyway...I hooked up my new LED flush turn signals today on my XR. My problem is they won't flash when I turn them on. They just stay solid color. I got an electronic variable load 2 prong flasher hoping that it would solve the problem, but it didn't. I assume the LEDs don't consume enough power to flash. Any ideas? I checked all the wires and grounds and they are good. Do I need to try a different flasher (what kind)? Maybe use a resistor(which I know nothing about)? BTW, my thermal one that came with the BD DS kit didn't even turn on the signals. It would be nice to have working turn signals and a tailight again.

try using a real light-duty cheapo flasher unit ... you are right, they dont pull enough juice to build the resistance necessary to activate a decent flasher

You can try using a flasher from the autoparts ...find one with the same amount of connectors....they are cheap...like $2-3 as apposed to the OEM or motorcycle flashers...

go check the Adventure/Dual-Sport Forum here ... yesterday there was also a question for LED flasher ... one of the responses was to provide a link to a flasher made specifically for this... I was so impressed, I ordered one for myself, also will provide you with a built-in beeper with the flasher for no extra charge

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