05 WR450 and Applied Clamp

Is there anyone else who is having trouble putting on an Applied Top Clamp on an '05? Just bought the Applied #3654 and can't seem to get it on. Fork openings don't seem quite right. I guess Applied assumed that the '04 model would fit on an '05. You think they would try it on first. I'll have to call Applied on Monday, but I wanted to use the clamp for a ride on Monday. Any info out there?

Just went down to the local yamaha shop and they measured the fork tube opening for the stock clamp and the Applied Clamp. The stock clamp fork tube openings are 2mm bigger than the '04 Applied clamp. No way is it going on!

some times you have to open the holes by sticking something into the slots, BUT be careful! you only need to open them a couple of thousandths. I have used cedar door shims, that way the wood wont scratch the clamp ( if you have to return them). have the clamps on the bike, and send the shims up from the bottom. dont tighten anything all the way until both sides are installed, and remember to bounce the front end before final tightening.


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