I love my 426!

had an awesome ride today on my 426, one of those rides that was so good that I couldnt imnagine a bike better that mine. I know that isn't the case, but thats the way it felt. Had everything from muddy washed out hillclimbs to top gear wheelies and some fast work on gravelly hardpack.

I was following this dude on a YZ125, and he slowed down so I could catch up, then nailed it to race me. :cry: Was on a fast section of track, gravel, LH curve but still (just) able to hold the WR WOT. The ol' Wr hit the limiter as it stepped out sideways in 2nd, flat changed third, she hooked up, did a powerstand past the unsuspecting 125 pilot spraying him in rocks.. The funny thing as that he thought he was in with a chance..heheh. Then when I stoped for a smoke and a drink he comes over and ask 'what the f&%@ is that' . I guess you had to be there, but it was funny.

I bet you can't wipe that ___ eatin' grin off your face. There is no replacement for displacement. Thumpers rip. ROOST!!!

:cry: I have an 02 wr 426 so I know exactly what you mean.I have piped mine and jetted it holy crap what a difference.These things are so awesome.I would not trade my bike for anything.I have only had it a year it is the funnest bike I ever rode :cry: Love that WR.

FMF... jetted... uncorked... spankin' the WR450's! Fact Jack... they rock!! :cry:

Washinout, nice avatar!!!

I bought my 02 WR this year. I had an XR before. What a difference. My friend bought another XR this year and I think he's regretting it. He can't stand it when I'm out in front!

After the free mods, fat jets, GYTR exhaust (which I am going to uncork this spring) and a new set of Pirelli's - the bike rocks!


I have to agree with all of the above, this will be my last bike I ever buy. Prolly have it buried with me sitting on it.

I bought it specifically because it had the headlight, taillight and yes, kickstand. Well, aside from the 33 miles it had on it and discount of almost 2k at the dealer. :cry: Other than that, it is (or was) identical to the YZ at the time. :cry:

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