Fire vs. Police race

Well, it was that time of year again and the fire vs police went off without a hitch at Village Creek MX. This was my second year racing it and it was a lot of fun.

This year I raced with my friends YZ450 which is highly modified, he races over 30 expert, and what an eye opening experience it was. First of all this bike is so light and nimble compared to the 426 that I had(had to sell it because of divorce). Next, the power is absolutely amazing. This thing is so smooth and hooks up so well that I really didn't have to do a whole lot of thinking, the bike just reacted perfectly every time.

About the race. The track was perfect and a perfect day for racing. The first moto I got a good start and adjusted quickly to this godsend of a machine. It cornered perfectly and I never even felt any of the bumps throughout the track. I ended up finishing 5th out of 20 riders which I attribute to the bike.

The second moto was a little different. I stalled when the gate dropped and then everything went into slow motion. I restarted the bike but everyone was near the top of the long stretch up the hill, if your familiar with the track,so my chances of top 5 was out the window. I decided to channel the terror, anger and disgust into just enjoying being out there and having fun and above all, not getting hurt. I seemed to go faster than ever and was hitting the berms and jumps a lot faster than I normally do. With this suspension it just glided over everything. Anyway, I caught the pack and ended up passing that last couple of riders and placed 10th overall.

This race is so much fun and the fire fighters and police officers involved are truly good people.

Until next year, take care, hug your kids and wife and be sure to thank a firefighter or police officer for the job that they do!


P.S. My friend enrolled in college and I am the proud owner of his 2003 YZ450.

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