anyone bought a tall seat for there 05 wr450??

Has anyone bought a tall seat for there 05 450wr?? I had a dealer send me a seat(SDG) for a 04, and it will not fit... I called SDG and they told me it would work...but it will be about 1 inch shorter (on the tank) than the stock seat. I tryed to mount this seat, and it is not even close...the angle from the frame up the tank is very different. I called SDG again... they told me some racers have been using this doesn't fit right, but there racers and don't care if it doesn't looks right...bull!!!. They also said the mold was so expensive, they most likely won't be making a seat for the 05 wr 450.. Anyone found a tall seat/foam for there 05 wr450 that fits...smitty

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