2 Stroke sites???

I was wondering if there is a similar site to Thumper Talk for 2 Strokes out there. Thanks

Hey, maybe start a spin off from this one, call it "Ding Ding Talk" and have it at http://www.dingdingtalk.com :cry:

Last time I tried KTMtalk, they wanted me to subscribe and pay a fee $$$. I took it as an insult. Geeez, if I paid a fee to for every site I went to, I wouldn't be able to afford to ride.

ThumperTalk has the right idea. The more members, the more interest they have from thier advertisers. Sorry, but I woulddn't even pay a monthly fee for TT even though it is the best moto forum I have seen yet!

There is no fee at KTM talk. One must register but there is no fee.

I stand corrected! Must have been way past me bedtime when I got that notion. I'll check them out one more time because I am also interested in haveing a 2-stroke once again. I'll not give up the WR, however!

is there one for yammaha 2 smokes ?

Hey Glasseye,

I just did the same thing. I have an '04 WR 450 which I love and have the most fun on. We do aggressive type trail riding with dual sport sections that link the trails. The WR is ideal for this (yes even tight single track) I have never had so much fun in my life than on my WR. However, having a very bad motorcycle addiction like so many here have, I found myself wanting a motocross type bike for jumping and freeriding in the local sand dunes. I had to go pick up a YZ 250 to fill this void. It has improved my riding since owning it for alot of reasons. It's soooo light. It is TONS of fun in the sand.

Each motor has it's advantages and limitations and I NEVER thought i would say it but I hope the 2 stoke doesn't go away too soon.

That said, if I had to get rid of one of them the WR 450 would not be going anywhere!

Check out allthingsmoto.com - it's a great motocross off-road site for two and four strokers. I come here for four stroke infor for my wr and "ATM" for my kids two strokers :cry:

Thanks for all of the info. I will be buying a new '04 YZ250 soon, to go with my XR600. Walt:thumbsup:

Check out www.allthingsmoto.com it's a good site for two stroke and four stroke info. The best I've found so far.


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