Time for larger fuel tank.05 WR450

What are some pro's and con's about different tanks.I would like something that will bolt right up.

IMS will have one that clears the AIS soon, if you remove it the current tank fits.

I put an IMS on my 05 with the standard shrouds. Appears to be a good quality tank and went right on. Looks pretty good too.

Acerbis 3.4! I put one on mine and I never looked back. The only thing I would do is get some 1/4" Motion Pro Tygon fuel line and use that instead of what is supplied with the tank, and maybe a 5/16" brass fuel tee...SC

The Acerbis 3.4 fits very well and is almost as slim as stock. The extended range is always a big plus.:banghead:

Does the Acerbis 3.4 fit the "07 WR450's?

As long as it's for the 2007 model it will fit. The 2006 Acerbis 3.4 tank will not fit the 2007 model properly.

Here´s mine:


On my '05 I had both the Clarke tank and the IMS tank. I ended up sticking with the IMS tank mainly for the larger capacity. Both were nice and fit fairly well. I didn't like the twin petcock the IMS needed though. The gas line ran very close to the heade on the right hand side.

Here´s mine:


What is the capacity of that tank? Also, I see that you will never be able to use the full capacity as the petcock is positioned about midmay along the side of the tank and not at it's lowest point.

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