Why Won't my Clutch dis-engage

Question: if the bike is in gear (not Running ) and the Clutch is pull in, should I be able to spin the wheel ???

Just did the same on me road bike... and it does the same ???? so what the Technical reason for this???

Answer to the first part of your question is NO.... my WR426 is exactly the same, as I doubt very much that Yamaha would have made any significant clutch design changes from the 426 to the 450.

A more tech. reason why you can't spin your back wheel while it's in gear even with the clutch lever pulled in, is possibly due to the fact that even though the clutch is fully disengaged, ie. no pressure applied to the friction and drive plates, the oil film is still holding all the plates together, therefore, transmitting drive back to the engine, then to stop when it reaches compression. Even if you try to push your bike forwards (or backwards) with the clutch still disengaged (and in gear), there is still not enough force to beak the oil film between all the plates and totaly free the clutch. To break this oil film requires a considerable amount of force, ie. power from the engine when it's running.

Hope that helps....


like stonie said, but you should be able to push the bike with the lever pulled in. You can remove the clutch cover and make sure you are getting enough travel when you pull the lever in. Yammy baskets are as soft as butter, and the clutch plate lugs wear notches in the basket. This can prevent them from releasing when there is no load on the clutch. When it gets really bad you'll find the clutch will drag that much when the bike is running that you won't be able to select nuetral. If it's not this bad, don't worry about it.

Thanks for all you help guys...

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