So Cal. Wheel Builders

Any Suggestions for good wheel builders in L.A. Area?

Or what is the hot connection for SS spokes?

Thanks for any input

I really like Wheel Works in Garden Grove. They have done a few wheels for my XR650R...they can drill out the OEM hubs a bit and fit HD SS Buchanon spokes. There are issues with the OEM hobs being a bit on the weak side--Team Honda has broken one or if you are going with lots of fuel, or you are one fat dude who likes to double...consider another hub.

I have a set with Excells, Talons, and Buchanons that are super strong.

Before you buy spokes make sure you can go 3 cross or 4 cross. Some sets are only 2 cross for our bike. Trying to lace up our bikes wheels isnt easy--there are no less than 4 different spoke lengths! Add in a different hub, and it gets tricky--with its own spoke length needs--and it can get confusing....

ANyway--Wheel Works does a great job and they do lots and lots of 6fiddyR's

Thanks for the Reply's :cry:

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