Need Help - Speedo Cable Remova- I'm Stuck

1994 XR650L – Bought used with 5K miles

I’m trying to replace the speedo cable and but I can't get it out of the speedometer gear box! I removed the cable setting screw, but the fat end of the cable where it slides in won’t budge. I already broke the cable off inside the fat end!

I have a Honda Shop Manuel, but all it says is to remove the cable after “loosening the cable setting screw.” It doesn’t say how. These shop manuals assume the reader has prior basic knowledge of the bike, which I don’t have. I didn’t get the owners Manuel from the guy I bought it from.

I think my problem is in the picture of a procedure at the bottom of the picture/sketch in the Honda Shop Manuel (p 11/5). It’s says to “Align” also “With mark facing up”. ANYBODY KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? :cry:

I would appreciate any information about how to get this cable off. Also, how to put the new one in?

One more thing – is there a more informative Manuel out there that can help a guy like me who is, less informed? Is Clymer any better? I’m glad I got the Honda Service manual, but shit, I don’t even know how to check the damn oil and the service manual don’t say. :cry: The owner’s manual would cover that, but I don’t have one.


Shouldn't be that hard to get off. Remove the set screw completely as the barrel of the screw can also hold the rubber casing/cable end in place. Spray some lubricant in there and wiggle the rubber casing back and forth and twist it around. It'll come free. Since you're going to have to replace the whole thing, get a razor knife and cut the casing if you have to. The cable comes as a complete assembly with a new housing and new gear and speedo ends.

The speedo cable gear or wheel end is square and needs to be seated properly when you install/reinstall. Look at the cable end and look down the barrel of the gear drive so you can align them properly. If you don't seat it all the way or it's misaligned it won't register at all. Been there and done that.

You'll get it. Just be patient.

I found it was easiest to put it back in when the front wheel was raised and free to rotate. Push in, rotate the wheel, and when the female part is in the right position it'll slide right in.

Hmmm. Gotta go take a cold shower now.

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