XR650L baffle/silencer ?

Hello everybody :cry:

I just got a 03 650L on Ebay.

It looks in great conditions, BUT, it appears that the baffle has been removed. Lots of noise and some hesitation.

I hate it.

Can anybody point to a picture of a STOCK tailpipe?

From behind mine looks like it has a 2 inch hole. Looking inside it ends on an upside-down Y metal thing...

Is anything missing? Any source for the original part? Non stock? Any idea of the cost?



I have an 05 xr 650 L with the stock exhaust and looked for you, I can not see what you described. If I were you, and I am sure most folks here will tell you the same thing, look into an aftermarket silencer. A good slip on will save you in weight, as well as give improved performance. They usually run between 200 and 350.

Good luck with it.


sounds like the end of yours has been enlarged by previous owner, hope the spark arrestor is still working ... btw, I just bought a new Supertrapp IDS2 from Rocky Mountain ATV for $179, I havent installed it yet, but it seems to be pretty good quality, just from looking at it ... most tests I've read picked the White Bros. pipe as best, but theyre more like $320 ...

The stock baffle has been removed. It is held in with 2 bolts and 2 spot welds. It is commom to see this modification on stock exhaust. If you can find one just put it back in and your done.

After market inserts are hard to find now. Thumper racing and White Bros. sold them years back. If all else fails there are a few exhaust pipes on ebay you may be able to pick up cheap, and pull one out of it. I do not have a way to post pics or I would take pics of my stock exhaust and sent them to you. There may be someone else that can do that for you if needed. Or you could stop by your Honda dealer and they could show you what it looks like.

Good Luck,


here's the old part# for the WB hot -tip insert(W10-1002) from an old Chapparral catalog.You could try using thier search feature to see if the still carry it.

today I installed a Supertrapp muffler, so if you're interested, I have the stock exhaust, unaltered, .... it's off my 2001 XR650L , has about 7500 miles on it ... make an offer, it's just taking up space here, glad to help someone out ...

You can take the edge off the sound of the unbaffled stock muffler very eaisily. Find a piece of pipe 1 5/8" o.d. (I had to go to the salvage yard, I think the piece of tubing I used was aluminiun handrail tubing) about 4" long. Muffler shops did not have anything. Use silicone seal to glue the tubing aprox. 2" into the muffler. Clean the inside of the muffler with laquer thinner, with your finger smear the silicone seal inside the muffler, you want to make sure there is a good coating inside the muffler. With the same finger smear the pipe and slide the pipe about 2" into the muffler, the end of the pipe should protrude about 1/4" beyond the end of the muffler and let it set at least an hour, preferably overnight. Put 6mm set screws in the screw holes that secured the baffle(before installing the pipe). It sounds like you have some jetting issues also, before adressing these, install a good a good foam aircleaner, you can make one out of the stock paper unit, I'll give directions if you want. Now the flames start, at nearly sea level the following works, drill the idle jet with a number 76 (.020" dia.) drill, drill the main jet with a number 53 (.059" dia.) drill. Spacer the needle up .040" to .065" with washers, you should be able to get the washers at any hardware store. This setup is both cheap and effective, the xr650l can be made to run very well with minimal dollar outlay. Good luck.

To add to hotwheels' advice (I've drilled a few jets in my day!) a 55 pilot and a 158 main usually work well. Also, better throttle response can be had by drilling the vacuum holes in the throttle slide to 5/32 inches.


Thank you very much for the advice, I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately now I am fighting with a bigger problem...

It turns out that the XR I have bought doesn't have the f**ing CA emission sticker and since it has only 2000 miles I cannot register it here...

I was completely fooled by the CA plate and tax receipts (while the title is still Ohio).

It seems that the DMV first gave plate and receipts, then returned all paperwork to the original owner.


as I understand it, the exhaust systems do NOT interchange between the 650R and the 650L

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