Edelbrock Carb problems again

The internet can be kool, but it takes away visual & audible forms of communication which can change the whole meaning of a phrase of the tone of a conversation. I'm sure if we were all in the same room having this discussion, we'd all be having a good time together :cry:

When the tension starts to build, let's keep this in mind :cry:

My wife zeroed in on that Mike Kay has two piece' of 3" foam. :cry: You want to talk about not knowing what is going on have a blond wife reading over your shoulder and then hear her coments. Then it all gets real funny :cry:

Ok guys, I just tore my carb down and looked at the fuel valve that Edelbrock installed in the new bowl they put on my carb. There was absolutely no gunk whatsoever in the carb. In fact the brass was so shiny it looked like someone buffed it. It had a totally different valve than the one I posted pictures of. This one has little round holes instead of slots in the valve seat and the needle has four runners as a bearing surface which the needle slides back and forth on. There was no build up at all on it. It was absolutely shiny. As I looked at the Needle and the four runners (bearing surface) I noticed there were a couple of very tiny gouges. I took out some 1500 grit silicon carbide paper and polished each runner to smooth any possible sharp edges on these tiny gouges or imperfections on the bearing surface of the needle. I also used the 1500 grit paper to put a smoother polish inside the cycinder of the valve seat. Even with this fine of paper being used I am concerned that the needle will fit too loosely in the valve. If it don't work it's going back to Edelbrock and hopefully they will have a real fix by now.

Other than the tiny imperfections which would be easily overlooked on the needle, the inside of this carb looked brand new, as if it had never had fuel in it. Cross your fingers, I will post some pictures of this third valve and needle from Edelbrock.

Now I can't remember which is which. I have had both valves. One with the holes, I thought that was the old one, and now the one with the slots.....or is it the other way around? I ahd the old one in the new carburetor and they changed it there to the new one.

Now I can't remember which is which. I have had both valves. One with the holes, I thought that was the old one, and now the one with the slots.....or is it the other way around? I ahd the old one in the new carburetor and they changed it there to the new one.

Maybe they are just saying it's new fix cause it is to you. Wouldn't that be a joke on us all. "Yeah, we fixed it with one of our many different in stock valves, all of which have had problems" :cry:

Well give them a chance to make it right and send them this thread with how many have stopped by to look. This is the biggest thread going, it should show how advertizing is changing. If you have a good product forums can be you best advertizing!!!!! If it is having trouble it will get slammed, in this case they will help you, and you could be the key to a permenet fix! :cry: I have been there and if you can make it to Hemet area I can show you there place. I can't speak for them but, they will stop the world for you and make it right, I hope. If you can do that and they let you down, it would be time to let lose on them.

I have a big bad story that still could turn good...... if the shop would call me and try to make things right but, I am still waiting. I think they wrote me off as screwed-up but, I have waited till the story is over. I have the facts. I will/and have driven the miles to keep it possitive. They think they have done no wrong, but, come on we all know that most shops will tell you anything to turn a buck, they are just trying to survive......Well when the story is over, that's when you tell it like it is. If they are still willing to work with you and save their reputation then give them all the chances you can..........

Bmb63, Agreed :cry:

This is the best thread in a long time


a little passionate


and completely applicable to my bike since I own a QS for my BRP & had similar problems on a very, very old non-pumper QS on my XR6

I think I'll just grab one of my old back up Dellorto pumper 40's in my greasy/dusty box of Moto Guzzi parts and drop it in the BRP........I've never had a problem with that the set on my Guzzi.

We need a response from Edlebrock or Rob B. on this issue. Has anyone sent them this thread??????



Ok guys, I pulled the fuel valve and needle out of the bowl that Edelbrock installed to fix the sticking valve problem, which did not work. The internal parts looked brand new as if the carb had never had fuel in it. I polished the valve and needle with a 1500 grit polishing paper. Installed it back into the carb and presto, the bike would not start. Pulled the plug, it was bone dry. The link below is the same link I posted earlier except it now has pictures of the new valve that did not work added to it so you can compare the valves.


Perhaps its stiction related to temperature???

I've never looked at the fuel inlet / valve, so I'm just throwing out a wildassguess.

I beginning to think that I have two problems going on. Initially it was definately the fuel valve stuck closed but now I am wondering if I have any squirt. I'm gonna have to pull the carb again and check for spuirt. It may have fuel in the bowl but the only way to tell what is going on is pull the carb. If I can't nail it down it's going back to Edelbrock. I hate having others do my work but I may have no choice.

I'm assuming the material used for the needle is brass. It would be interesting to see how an anti-stiction coated aluminum needle would work. Maybe just a simple anodized aluminum needle would work. The density of brass is about three times that of aluminum and aluminum has ~50% the relative thermal distortion of brass.

oh yeah--

whats all this crap about me being 'uncalled for'?

there are no less than 5 lame posts about some dudes XR600 from 1996 or some time with some lame ass electrical or carb issue or whatever...

Nothing wrong with getting things stirred up a bit on this forum---its been getting way to boring lately!


Despite resembling this remark, I love this thread. I can't believe I almost didn't read it just becuase it had to do w/ newfangled 650R's and their fancy-shmancy QS's. :cry:

I got a feeling if we were all sitting in a bar talking about this, I would have peed my pants laughing by now.. Either that or wandered out into the parking lot to watch a nice brawl!


Ok guys I got it working. :cry: I pulled the carb again cause it just didn't make sense to me that I didn't at least get one full bowl of fuel since I put a polish on the fuel shut off valve seat and needle. It didn't make sense that the spark plug was bone dry. So this time I pulled the carb to see if there was any squirt. There was a slight dribble so I turned the adjustment to full squirt and it shot out like a fire house. I put it back in the bike and twisted the throttle a bunch pulled the plug and it was wet this time. So put a new plug in held the throttle wide open with the kill switch on and the decomp lever pulled in and kicked it over about 6 or 10 times to clear the cylinder. Then I kicked about three times and wham it started. :cry:

Before I do anymore complaining I'm going to run this until it acts up again. If it doesn't act up for 4 or more months I know what to do. Im crossing my fingers. Right now it's running as sweet as it always does when it gets fuel. And I am pretty happy. I will really give it a test the next 2 weeks since I won't have to drive school bus during Xmas break. All I can say is I am thrilled. Yahoooooooooooo.

So how fickle can a guy get but once again I'm back on the Edelbrock band wagon. Was it polishing the valve that fixed it? Was it playing with the squirt adjustment? Or changing out the wet plug or all three? At this point I don't care. When and if it acts up again I will just do all the above and hope for the same results. What I am most happy about is not having to send it back in to Edelbrock. What a weight off my shoulders.

Bummer......I was going to offer to trade you for my stock carb :cry:

Bummer......I was going to offer to trade you for my stock carb :cry:

Nice try :cry: but I still have my stocker and was about to put it back on. I prefer the Edelbrock when the valve don't stick. :cry:

I got my other Edelbrock from Barnum's Today! :cry::cry: Now I'll have two to test :cry: It seems like everone is happy with having Edelbrocks again :cry:

I got my other Edelbrock from Barnum's Today! :D:D Now I'll have two to test :cry: It seems like everone is happy with having Edelbrocks again :cry:

Well I am happy but there are still several who have not resolved the problem yet.

I still have one minor problem but Im not crying about it. Now when the bike is leaning on the kickstand and the tank fuel valve is left on the carb dribbles fuel through the overflow tube. I can live with that but I may have to buy a new valve if it is due to my polishing it. Again this is no big deal to me cause I know what to do. Adjust the float level or replace the valve.

I am happy and can not overstate that. :lol:;);):D;)

Everyone can disreguard all of the above in this thread, hahahaha. :cry::cry::cry::lol::D

Hmmm, I could swear one of the "Edelbrock Sales People" on this thread suggested cleaning up the valve and the seat with some emory cloth. Hmmmmm :cry: Just kidding. Glad you got things worked out (for the moment) now go out there and sell some carbs! :cry::cry:

I have to keep this thread somehow for Galen. The carb should come in soon, so I should be able to find it again.

Glad you got it to work! Keep us posted on its status/not-crapping-out-abilty!

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