Just Joined the Ranks!

I have been a dedicated 2 Smoke rider for many years and finally decided to check out the other side. I sold my 1991 KX500 (heavily modified and a true beast) last week and just today traded my 2002 CR250R straight up for this 2001 XR650R.


I only got to ride for about 30 minutes today (the wee one just had to see the Sponge Bob movie..............again). But I am absolutely impressed with this bike. Once moving she did not feel as heavy as her spec sheet implies and even slow speed stuff was easy. :cry: The instant torque is something I am not used to and was having a blast doing third gear wheelies down my neighbors mile long driveway. Not that the KX wouldn't do it, it's just a completely different feeling on the big XR.

I plan on doing a DS conversion and possbily picking up a quick change SuperMoto kit in the spring. I generally handle all my own work short or shock rebuilds and machine shop stuff so I will most likely be asking plenty of questions if I get stuck. I have lurkey around this forum for awhile and noticed that there are many knowledgable folks on here. :cry:

If anyone on here is from VA or has done a DS conversion on the BRP here I would love some pointers on where to buy the required gear and any other pointers you may have.

I look forward to learning as much as possible, riding as much as possible with possibly a little bullchittin thrown in for good measure.

Peace Ken

Here is a link to some other pics of the bike. It came with Renthals (CR Bend), Uncorked (exhaust and intake), jetted, Devol radiator quards and Enduro engineering handquards.

BRP Pics

check out bajadesigns.com they have some conv. kits


Looks like a nice bike. Welcome aboard.

Welcome dude! I think you're really going to enjoy your 650R. I've had mine since May of '00. It's been a great bike, very reliable and tons of power. A couple of things you can do to boost the torque a little bit, is to drill the airbox, jet it to 180 on the main, modify the hrc exhaust tip by cutting off it's internal baffle cap and spark arrestor screen, and run a fuel mixture of 60/40 or 50/50 super-unleaded to avgas 100LL. You'll get noticeably more low-end and mid-range snap when you pull the trigger. And of course that's what these big open-class bikes are all about, power! I mean I don't know anyone who rides an XR650R because they want smooth and mellow power.

I also have a KX500 which I think totally rocks and I love that bike too, it has a pro circuit pipe and vforce reeds, and I don't have to explain what the power is like, since I'm sure you already know they are totally insane!

damm, nice bike. You know I got one right ken? And mine is dual sported as well.

www.bajadesigns.com has everything you need.

You riding this sunday in the dirt? Bring that porker on out.

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