5000ml / 8000km on chain and sprokets

I just wanted to inform you that I put this much on my stock chain and sprockets.

I just changed the front sprocket at 6000km, but because of the worn chain it it dead now. Front sprocket is with broken teeth now it happened yesterday on the trail, and the chain is without 3 rolls. It happened after I gas it hard. I just wanted to see the limit of all this.

BTW the chain specification Yamaha gives 150.1mm on 10 links is pretty accurate! I passed this specification 500km back...

I oil my chain every evening after ride and wash. I have washed my chain 2 times in the period with gasoline. I put this millage from the end of Feb until yesterday.

I change mine much more frequently that that sabin. You sure do a lot of riding!

I've seen many a crankcase smashed and gearbox shafts bent from a broken chain.

That's what I was afraid from. However Yamaha has clear specification when to change the chain and that is what i did.

The fact is that I do not have new chain, and I'm waiting a delivery from USA. X-ring did over here costs $200 :cry:

i rode regina untill it snapped, replaced the connecting link to get home, snapped again

i recommend making your own alu chain guard (10mm thick), mine held through both breakings as in a fairy tail, guard hit marks can be seen nicely

original chain guard is too thin and the plastic protector is a dirt gathering device

instead of original sprockets, Im very pleased with steel JT sprocket, very tough and durable no signs of wear after 2.000 kms

I quite agree with you on the stock guards. I replaced mine soon after I bought the bike with a carbon fiber job although aluminum would work quite well too. Got a good deal on it is all. I have seen too many cases cracked with the stock guard. :cry:

I get about 2,000 miles out of a set of O-Ring chain and Tool steel sprockets but mud riding really eats them up! :cry:

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