01 WR426 question!

I took my 426 out for it's first real ride since I bought it a week ago and had a strange experience about 15 minutes into it. The bike was running great from the start, but when it reached what I believe to be running temp it started to sputter and backfire a bit with a loss of power. I checked to make sure that the choke hadn't moved out since that was what it was acting like and that wasn't the problem. Out of trial and error diagnostics I opened the remote hot start and the darn thing ran like a champ for the rest of the ride as long as I kept it open. Is this a jetting issue? Or maybe a fuel screw adjustment issue? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

fuel screw/pilot jet/float level by the sounds of it. The only sus thing is that a 426 will be up to temp in 5 min, not 15. Dumb question with no intent to offend you, but are you sure that you have on and off for the hotstart the right way around?

No offense taken. I believe the position is correct as I can hear the air passing through the remote lever site when it is on. As I understand it the hot start leans out the mix by letting in more air. Am I even close?

Yep. Hot start leans it out. If you have a remote lever, make sure it is working properly.

You're definitely fat somewhere, if the bike runs right with hot start out. Begin the process of elimination and lean out one thing at a time on the carb and see if you can get it running good at temp. Good luck.

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