cam timing

Can someone tell me any website's that have information, how to assemble the YZ400f engine.

something like the repair manual.

Thanks :cry:

it tells me that the service manual is unavailable for this model...


But i appreciate your help.


Well, what do you need to know. There are members around here that are like walking manuals.

i would like to know how to do the cam timing plz?

First off, make sure the piston is at top dead center by removing the two flat head plugs on the ignition cover and turning it with a socket till the I appears in the middle of the top hole. It looks more like a l then a I, and it is sorta small.

The cams should look like this when all done and timed correctly:



Hope this helps :cry:

If your having trouble.. the 250f have the same procedure.. just dont bother counting the links or pins, it gets too confusing.

hey guys

I want to thank you for your help.

this is my first 4strocker and i need to know everything about it.

Ive been riding a KX500 for the last 6 years and it seems to be alot easer to rebuild the engine.

There is a Clymer's manual on the way


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