Anti-Seize on Spark Plug

I just recently picked up a nice 96 XR600. Big Bore, Mikuni Flatslide, Baja Designs duel sport. Any way, I've been taking care of some maintenance and every time I take a fastener off, I put it back on with anti-seize. I finally got the spark plug out to replace it and was wondering if any one uses anti-seize on their plug? Maybe just the top 2/3 of the threads. What do you think?

BTW, this bike Rocks!

the spark plug is probably the most important spot in your engine to use anti-seize ... ALWAYS use anti-seize when threading steel into aluminum ..

Anti-seize on the spark plug can change it's themal characteristics, and even lead to electrode destruction. Make certain you use a compond that's specifically intended for spark plug use.

~ Ken

I put antisieze on my plugs too. I just use Permatex brand and havent had problems with the sparkplugs on my current bike, my previous bike, my car both with iron and aluminum heads, and my parents' cars. I find that it largely dries up or disappears except for the metal powder in it.

If I dont use anti-sieze, I use bearing grease, oil, WD-40, anything to make it thead in easier.

I always use neversieze on anny sparkplug going into a aluminum head :cry::cry:

I have always used some sort of lubricant on the spark plug, and never experienced any problem.

It's a must use on that motor.When washing the bike water collects in the plug well and unless you run the bike every time you wash it ,it will corode the plug.

I have wondered why Honda would not place a boot on the plug wire to restrict water from entering the plug inlet. Makes no sense, but does seem as if something could be fabbed up and placed in there to prevent water from entering.

If I use any anti-seize on a spark plug (some plug types don't need it), I use it very sparingly and only on a couple of the inside threads. It's also important to be more careful about torquing down the spark plug since anti-seize reduces the friction.

Thanks for the input.

I checked out the Permatex web site and it seems all of their automotive

Anti-seize lubricants are OK on spark plugs.

Thanks again,


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