East Coast Suspension Sources.

The suspension on the XR I just picked up is stock and seems a bit soft to me. Of course coming of 20+ years of playing on straight moto-x bikes and also riding sportbikes it just may be the way it is. I also noticed in the owners manual that the load limit for a stock XR-R is 220lbs. Well I weigh 215 without gear so I was thinking I may need to beef up this stuff anyway. Who would you guys recommend on the East coast to do this work. My local shop can handle the forks but they do not do shocks. Also the shock appears to be cashed cause I cannot seem to tune the bounce out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Peace Ken

GPS suspension in Alabama. He did mine when he lived in Massachusetts and it's mint. The bike is like a caddy in the woods with plenty of adjustment to fool around with on an mx-like track.

What state are you in?

The stock springs are for scrawny butts like me (160#).

I've also heard good things about GPS. I met Gary last winter and he's a great guy with lots of experience.


I am in VA!!

Cool thanks for the advice folks.. :cry:

I use GMD Computrack for my setups. Pete Kates, the local GMD guy in Boston, sets up our race bikes and has worked on my streetbike. Being an avid off-roader and a talent in the suspension game, I feel confident with his work and can recommend him. He also owns GMD N.Y. http://www.gmdcomputrack.com/

I hear BumpStix in MD does great work. I think I'm getting ready to use them on some mods on my DRZ400. I have a friend who works in a cycle shop in Harrisonburg, Va. and he uses them all the time. Good luck dude

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