Ebay Warning Skid Plate

Ebay has numerous carbon fiber skid plates up for auction from an outfit caled 3-a wholesale. Mine did not come close to fitting. Shipping is $20! Would reccomend not bidding on these skidplates.

Yeah, seen those guys. I always feel better with an aluminum one for some reason. Thanks for the heads up! :cry:

I put one of the skid plates on my 05 WR 450 and it fit perfectly. I did have some minor fit problems with the CF pipe guard but nothing I would worry about. I would recommend either item. The pipe guard is nice because it wraps around more of the front of the pipe. The stock guard was good for snagging branches and small animals.

thanks for the heads up, was looking for one!

The mounting holes didnt line up at all on mine and if you redrilled the holes you would still have to trim an inch or more to fit around the exhaust pipe and the spacers supplied were not what are needed. I pulled the stock frame and case gaurds off and jacked with it for quite a while and the unit I recieved is just not the right application. Would have been a good deal if it had fit. Glad yours fit though. What is the CF gaurd you mention. You say you would recommend either item. I just got one item. Maybe I missed out on something.

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