Headlight question and recommendations

Ok well I love the feel of my bike right now and I have about $350 to spend and figured for what I was doing, I want a headlight. I know I need a lighting coil and brackets but could someone show or explain to me how the process works and how its installed plus where I could get the 2. Thanks in advance and I love my YZ450. I would perfer it if I could go toward getting either a aftermarket headlight assembly or the WR one.


I would be interested also although I have a 400f

I can't awnser your ?'s, but I'd say the best way to start would be by asking in the WR forum. Alot of guys over there have invested alot of time "YZ-ing" their WR's, & removing the headlights & brackets, & in some cases, the starters & other electronics. You might be able to find someone in there who'd know what you need & be willing to sell you the parts they took off their bike for a reasonable price.

After some research and having a lighting stator on order with E-Line for two months I found Baja Designs to have the best solution for me.

I simply called these guys up and told them what I wanted. They put together a kit to do exactly what I wanted. I received an external lighting coil assembly, a new shifter lever, a wiring harness, a brake switch, headlight switch, headlight, taillight, and instructions. It was simple to install and the help I received from Baja Designs was great.

I recommend you give these guys a call, for they do have a solution for you.

Check with these guys. I use a HID light to do night mountain biking and it is totally unreal. I would def go with a HID system if I was installing a light.

HID Light systems

Good luck,


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