Buying an XR650R...

Hello peoples,

I'm looking at purchasing an XR650R, either 2000 or 2001 model.

I just want to know what differences are there between the 00 and the 01 models, and if the 00 had any probs (being the first of that model).

I've had a look at some XR sites, brp, uncorking and so-forth, just want to hear first hand from people who ride them ( i'm sure the sites are from people who ride them, but this is what this site's for, right?).

So, any pointers/info would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers - Rob

The '00 through '01 bikes, and possibly even some new ones, come with the first of two clutch bushing designs. This original bushing (22116-MBN-670) has a large occurrence of seizing up due to lack of lubrication. The updated bushing (22116-MBN-671) has a couple of extra holes, plus an added gallery on it's inner face. Changing this part is easy and cheap about $12. The graffix were changed, they add a washer behind the right foot peg. Other then that Nothing is different between any year XR650R. A 2000 with a new clutch bushing is as good a bike as a 2005 if they have the same miles on them and are taken care of the same.

Cheers BWB63 - that's pretty much what i'm after - will start looking like a madman!!!

I'll definitley be posting a pic when i get one!!

I've read about that clutch bush - will change soon as i get it. Might as well.

The countershaft seal on those models was bad also and has been replaced with an updated version.

Keep in mind also, that not ALL of the '00 models had any problems. I bought my '00 XR650R brand new in May of '00 and have well over 6k miles on, I ride it all the time weather permitting, and it has never had any problems. The clutch bushing thing is only if you idle the bike with the clutch pulled in for a period of time, such as if it's dual sported and you sit at a light with the clutch pulled in. Simple remedy is to put it in neutral if you are idling the bike.

The right peg, just take out the bolts and put blue loctite on them if you are just a casual rider and not a racer. Cures the potential problem for general trail riding. The countershaft seal I don't know about, mine has never leaked, but keeping the chain adjusted with proper slack, and not overfilling the oil, should help.

Be sure to uncorked and re-jet the bike rich on the main (175-180 below 1000' elev.), so it will run like it should. Doing all of the uncorking mods is necessary, airbox snorkel removed, airbox back plate remove, 40mm exhaust tip installed, and including changing the needle position. That's a pain, but it's worth it. The B3E needle in the 3rd groove or the stock needle in the 4th groove from the top, a pain, but must be done to get the correct amount of power from the stock engine. Otherwise the bike's potential will be wasted, and it will be slow. I would sell you my '00 model, but I'm still having too much fun with it. :cry:

I just bought a 2001 650R and talked to a friend who owns a Baja tour company and rides a 650 for a living. He does about 20K a year on one... So here is the list:

1. Carry and extra output seal and c-clip plyers in your tool pack.

2. The stock rims and junk and will tend to crack as the welds.

3. Keep the right peg tightened up.

4. Lock-tight the kickstarter bolt.

They use synthetic blend oil and changes it every 1000 miles and checks the valves every 3000 miles. They usually rebuild the 650's at 12,000 and sell them off around 20,000.

Thanks for the info guys.

I'm going to look at a 2000 XR650R tomorrow arvy - the bloke is second owner, says it's as stock as they come. 9600kms, which one part of me says is alot, but the other part reminds me that my missuses TTR250 has 34000kms on it.

There is another one, but about 9 hours drive away, has Yoshi pipe, tag bars, rego (both registered), barkbusters, but for the extra cost of getting it, and higher price, i won't have any change left to play with (chrismas doesn't help the cash flow either).

I'll let you know what happens.

Actually there are other differences between the bikes....but they are subtle and almost no one knows about them.

Did you know the 2002 has thicker cases than the other bikes? Its weird but true. They tried to make the motor a bit quieter by going a bit thicker...weird.

If you comb thru the fiche you will find lots of little weird changes that dont make much sense on the surface--maybe its one engineer power tripping over another in some office cubicle in Japan!

Of course there is the famous replacement of the countershaft seal in late 2001/2002.

Sadly they never fixed the footpeg that falls off...but at the guy who is payed to race the 650R offers for sale a footpeg fall off fix--so presumably Honda knows about the problem!!!

But overall --as Bruce points out--you wont find any different parts on any of the years--only slight variations in the way the parts are made. Except of course the stickers!!

I bought a 2003 and it had the old counter shaft seal with one lip. It lasted 178 miles. So, even though they made the change some still have older parts. I think there are even newer then 2001 with the old clutch bushing. Barnum replaced mine, said, he put the newer clutch bushing in and I have a ,like I said, 2003 so, why the old parts I don't know???? Maybe I got a left over 2000 engine in a 2003 frame? The seals are so, cheap $5, everyone should have an extra :cry:

Going to look this arvo, very keen.

I'll be keeping in mind these mods, as i plan on doing some decent dirt rides, and some longish road rides with my brother - who rides a CBR250RR - i'll be getting a second rear wheel to run road tyre/chain/sprockets for easy conversion from dirt beast to road rager.

Will keep you informed...

I have a nice 2001 for sale. Its in great shape!!!!!!!

If you're flying over here in the next few days, bring it over and i'll have a look....

I am now the proud owner of an XR650R 2000!!!

Will post pics in pic section when i take a few....

Very faaarken happy!!!

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