Tecate GP results

I missed the race today,(I know,I'm a wuss!).Who has results,a good story to tell?

the race was awesome! no real difficult sections but some fun rock climbs and some great mud holes! there was only really one wfo section and it was barely 5th gear on the pig. lots of tight technical stuff, the best course i've ever riden by far.

I think i got like 18th in my class(<30) but hell i'm happy to have finished.

do the race next year! it is hands down the best experrience and you will come out of it more confident and a better rider.

Los ancianos should be posting the results soon on their site. They are the s%$t, they had a great raffle the night befor, i won one of my tickets, my roomate won both of his 2 tickets!

you all have 364 days left to prepare!


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