19" wheel on WR?

I found a good deal on a complete wheel. The only problem is that it's off a YZ and it's a 19" wheel. Anybody see any issues with using this wheel as a spare for my paddle tire? I'd use the 18" stocker for dirt and the 19" for the sand. Thanks for any feedback :cry:

Also, he had the sprocket and disc on it as wheel. I don't think I'd have to change my components to allow a good fit with my calipers and what not would I? :cry:

Shouldn't be a problem so long as you check the overall diameter when mounted. The 18" wheel gives the WR a taller sidewall, which is better for hard terrain and rock crawling. For sand, tall sidewalls isn't really necessary and most sand tires have a low profile so that the paddles will clear.



if the wheel is off an 03 or 04 should be ok, don't know about pre 02.

I have a 19" YZ wheel on my '99 WR 400 for street use and it works great. No issues with the caliper or sprocket. Good luck.

Thanks for for the feedback guys. Looks like I might just buy this thing..better than spending $700 on a new one.

Try and use the same sized sproket on the new wheel as the old one so that you don't wind up having chain issues with one being larger or smaller that the other.

Just a thought...

Bonzai :cry:

I had a 19" that I ran on my WR426 for the dirt and used the stock 18" for dual sport tires. It worked fine and I ran a Maxxis 120 on the 19" rim.

I also kept the sprockets the same size as Yamakaze suggested so changing them out was quick.

I'm using a 19" on my WR426.

Same here.

18'' for dual sport and 19'' for dirt on my 426

I would have like to do the opposite because of the sidewall issue but the choice of dual sport tire is very limited in the 19'' size.

Great info. I have been looking for a spare for my 01' WR426 and all I can find are 19". Anyone need a 18" paddle tire. :cry:

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