I have a hard time getting my bike to corner I am either pushing the front tire out from under me or it is pulling me straight past the corner. I am a novice rider but I can corner my other bike (kdx200) much better.

I have already raised the forks up about 1/2 inch. please help.

Higgy, Larry Roseler says you can almost NEVER be too far forward on the bike when cornering, I've been practicing this alot lately with great results. Do all of your braking before a corner scoot up on the seat/tank and gas it coming out of the corner. I've ridden 2-strokes that dont corner as well as the WR, so I dont think that it's the bike thats giving you problems when cornering, I think alot has to do with confidence..... my .02

"How to Corner" video and "How to Flow Like a Pro" are PHENOMINAL instructional videos. If followed, you can go from mid/back of the pack to winning. I know, I did it, and they are worth EVERY PENNY.

And no, I get no kick back.

When cornering, be as far forward as possible, lead with your head (yes, HEAD), when you look down you should see your crossbar, Your elbows should be up and out, you should have a "Re-Grip" on grips, and your foot should be up near your axle if not further forward.


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

i find in tight woods i like to get far forward,like stated,elbows up,etc, then goose it to have the rean end come around,i realize this is a woods move as opposed to a mx track move, but it works pretty well, i find the goosing works better than the lock up the rear wheel thingy. i ride alot of uphill/downhill switchbacks in my ravine. btw, as a rider i pretty much stink tho, but i llike that move. :)

Check youe sag. I'll bet it is way low.On the WR's we never let it go below 100mm. And after that you'll most likely want to move those forks back up a little. Sit for the sag test where you usually sit on the bike in turns or stand on the pegs and have someone balance you. Typically when bikes don't turn its the sag.


Lotta good info for you already. My WR is a veritable Rocket Ship out of the corners no matter what the angle. I ride so far forward I had to start wearing protection or risk becoming a unick from being racked so much. :) The only drawback is that I have chewed up the tops of two sets of tank graphics. The only thing That I would add is to make sure that your front tire type and pressure matches the firmness of the terrain that your riding on. I generally find that 9.5 lbs works great for soft to med terrain and 12 lbs for med to hard. I never use 15 lbs no matter what because the front tire tends to drift or washout with either the 756 or the 739. Bike setup is 40% of the solution and the other 60% is technique, experience and ability.

Ride with your head and your Butt will surely follow. :D

Bonzai........ :D

Get rid of the stock tires if they are Dunlop 739's. I put on 756's and it made a difference. 752's are supposed to be real good too.

I have a feeling jlewis is right on. I have adjusted rebound, and compression up front, but havent changed anything in back. I know my sag is low, so Im going to do that next. The rebound has helped me big time, and that push is almost gone-but Im sure I can get it to turn alot better. If I can find a good deal on bars, thats my last mod......of course I've said that before!

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