Problems with the 5 speed?

I have heard a nasty rumor about the tranny shearing gears. Heard this from more than one person but I can't find any info on it, mite just be jealous people. :cry: Anyone had any probs with their tranny? :cry:

the 426's do smash gearboxes occasionally, especially if used for a lot of bitumen work. Not sure if the 450's are any better, time will tell. At the end of the day, they are a race bike with lights. There will always be comprimises.

5th gear has had some problems in the past. I broke mine too.. (02wr426)

The 450's do have some problems, but not as many as the 426. 3rd, and 5th gear like to go out. I just did a rebuild on a 01' 426 last week as a matter of fact. The reason for these going out is the shift forks are on a pin that slides into the cases when you shift. If you shift it hard without the clutch those pins will miss the hole, and bend the shift fork. It then causes the "dog ears" as they call it to get rounded over. There for you have to buy a shift fork now, and 2 gears.

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