Relocating to Texas

I am thinking of relocating to the Dallas, Texas area. Can someone tell me the good areas around Dallas. I have a 4year old and 8 moth old. I want to live somewhere that is safe, nice, has good schools, and is close to some motocross tracks. Thank you for any help.

I don't ride MX, but do race hare-scrambles and live the Dallas area.

I have ridden at Mosier Valley which is in the mid-cities (inbetween Dallas and Ft. Worth). I have also ridden at this place just south of FT. Worth. It was much tamer than Mosier.

Safe communities in my opinion include: Plano, Frisco, Colleyville, Grapevine, Denton, Corinth, Shady Shores, Richardson, Flower Mound, Burleson.

Let me know if you have any questions about areas as I don't ride mx.

I would look at Frisco, Plano, McKinney. Plano is a fully developed city, also where I am a firefighter, but taxes are a little high. Frisco is "the place to be" and is the booming city right now. In Frisco, you have Denton County and Collin County with the Denton side being cheaper. Mckinney is just starting to grow but will be a very good city to live in. All these cities have very good schools and good youth sports leagues for all ages.

As far as MX tracks, there are tracks all over. Most are within an hour or so. In Texas you go by time as far as distance to/from somewhere. It seems like it takes 30 mins to an hour to get anywhere.

That's the basic lowdown. If I can help you anymore just PM me and I'll do what I can.

Take care,


Can't beat Austin...It's central, three good tracks within 30 min. and the best track in Tex about 80 mins away in Floresville. Good schools and a lot of outdoor stuff centered around the Hill Country and the lakes. Traffic kind of sucks...second thought, go to Dallas. :cry:

Mosier is no more!closed

I had someone tell me yesterday that McKinney is the fastest growing city in the nation. I do not know how she knows this data, but she just moved there a few months ago.

I live just east of Dallas where it is a little more country living. It really depends on what you want. If you want to live in the city, the Plano area is very nice. Or for the same price for a house in Plano, you could buy a house and a few acres of land in the Kaufman area. It just depends on what you want. If I can help, do not hesitate to PM me.

Mckinney and Frisco are both growing rapidly. This means two things...your property values are higher(but going up as well) and your schools are new.

I have lived in Frisco for 8 years and my family loves it. I could live just about anywhere LOL

...or head out west to Southlake, Grapevine or Trophy Club. All nice areas. Depends on where you plan on working and how much you want to pay for a house and taxes.

Been in and around Texas most of my life and live east of Dallas between Dallas and Greenville Tx off I-30. You can find some of the best land values dollar for dollar out here. Lots of close tracks, Badlands, Brushy Creek, Greenville, Cash and can go on and on. You can still buy some acreage decent prices, 10 acres places right across road from me from around $50K - build what u want on it and schools are great, taxes decent - If I can help ya in anyway, feel free to contact me. My son rides at Brushy Creek Motor Farm a lot and you can ride there for $10 per bike all day, they have camping, and just plain good country people. They are doing "MAJOR" work to it and hope to have some $$ races there in the future but for now, it is family oriented with about a 100 acres, motox track, trail riding, etc. Granted, it is not the manicured soil of Nocona or Badlands etc but it just keeps getting better and better. Some of the top riders have come off that track. Good luck, be safe and seat time, seat time, seat time *s - A friend in Sport - Michael

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