XR600 Fork Position / Handling

Hi all - can someone advise the correct position for a 98 XR600 forks - ie how much should stick out the top clamp.

After a bit of a rebuild project I guessed on the safe side with approx 5mm, but they were stuck through further than that originally.

First proper ride on it yesterday and compared to my XR650 it feels heavy and slow steering on the front - connected in any way ??!



Please ??? !!!!!

The farther down the forks sit in the clamps, the more stable your bike will be at speeds, but at the expense of some steering response. The higher up the forks are in the clamps, the quicker your steering will be, but at the expense of higher speed stability. There's no right or wrong position and it's just another point of tuning the bike for your needs/application. If your steering feels too slow & heavy, then raise the forks up a few mm's more. It doesn't take a lot of movement to make a noticible difference in the feel / handling.

OK thanks - the thing that concerns me is how far I can drop them before the tyre will touch the fender at full compression, hence my question. I will measure the gap and see if can work it out!

Raised the forks by 5mm through the clamps last weekend, and what a difference! Bike feels really nice now off-road, and perhaps a little light and twitchy on-road but not enough to be a problem. Forks are sticking out the top approx 10mm now.

It does handle a little different to the 650 but kind of hard to put words to it without a back-to back test. It was very, very wet on the last ride but the front felt really nicely planted and predictable. And it must be said that its a lot easier to ride in the wet than the bigger bike, or at least when you want to go anything other than straight ahead at WFO!

But.....the power difference is very marked once you get a bit of traction under the back end.... Oh for one bike with two personalities on a switch :cry:



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