Well it finally happened!!!

Brett......you wanna tell me if I need to remove the washers and just bolt the slider to the arm??

Carbon was from www.pro-carbonRacing.co.uk

was on the bike when I got it though.

:cry: ROFL...well I still have my colourful leathers...YES ! :cry:

and err.....Italian ??? it was Swedish ! and it wasnt a disater...it was fun..but the chance for a WR rose and I took it ! :cry:

Der! :cry: Swedish (bork, bork bork!)... yes, I knew there was something amiss when I typed "italian" but was too lazy to doublecheck. :cry:

Oi sod off, still need my question answering... :cry:

The chain slider problem is pretty common, mostly the older models. I would just change the stock slider every year, they're real cheap.. My 98 and 01 had the old TMdesigns slider on them back when they were LOUD and time consuming to put on. I understand the newer TMD's are made from a softer compound and don't require you to take the swingarm off..

SJ, I'd say ditch the washers & just keep an eye on things for awhile. With the slider that high up, I imagine that you'll be getting excessive wear everytime the suspension tops out (jumping, whoops, etc...).

It is road use though buddy, not much jumping gonna happen....just wheelies and stuff

I don't know man, granted I've never been to the UK, let alone ridden there, but I know I topped out the sussies on my LC4 all the time riding on the street. It's amazing how little it takes to get a supermoto airborne... :cry: & we don't even have humpback bridges over here.

Honestly, after looking at your pics again, my personal reason for tossing the washers would be so that the chain is less likely to rub on the slider's mounting hardware, which could accelerate wear on the chain's sideplate edges during any "spirited" riding, stoppies, or even hard braking.

As for the Subframe and chain issue, resolved now...Easy

Silicone and a piece of Brass door Strip or L shape ally would do (bit that goes under your door to join the Carpet), and 2 cable ties..... You can see its rubbing, but at least it not the Sub frame now.....

Oooooooooh check you out you clever little chimp!!

Thats a great idea!!!

Shit wish I'd thought of that....lol:applause:

Post up a pic!!

I went and bought some heavy duty mud flaps. I then took the old swing arm guard and made a cut out of the top part only. I then made about 15 of the same size. I went and bought longer screws, now all i do when the guard gets too low is put a new one over the top of the stock original one. It has worked well and it only cost me 13 bucks at Schucks.

I refuse to pay 30 bucks for a new swing arm guard.

Just though i would pass it on.

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