1986 XR 600 Single carb adapter???

Does anyone make an adapter to run a single carb on a 1986 XR 600?? I would like to get rid of the 2 carb setup.

So would I mrholshot....If you get any info please IM me or e-mail me @ jguillory5@houston.rr.com I'll let you know if I find anything also

I saw a modified (2 to 1) manifold on Ebay once that any machinist should be able to duplicate. I've always liked the 2 carb set-up. It provides great mileage at slow speeds and a little extra umph when hitting it hard. Atleast that was my experience when riding my old '93 XR600 along side my friends '86.

You can use the intake manifold and airbox boot from any xr 600 '88 though 2000.

Don, is this the best way to go? Have you done it to yours?

I haven't switched mine yet. I do have a newer airbox already. I'm planning ahead for a future project. Right now I like my 2 carbs.

It was always my opinion that the twin carbs gave slightly better response and power as well as not having the sticky spot off idle that the single 38mm has, and although the single is easier to tune, the twin was better overall i think.

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