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Quad Bash-XXII

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Ok, here's what happened yesterday,

I finally decide to go shooting(target) with some co-workers out to the dez.It was a pretty good place ,large flat open space with a very large backstop (read big hill behind it).Well we had been there for about an hour and then two numnutz show up on top of the hill.I didn't notice right away,and some one yells bikes,so we all stop shooting.I grab my binoc's and look up there and yup,two quads.The dumba$$'s are off thier machines and are watching us.In our line of fire.&%$#@! ?And they stayed there for like ten min. so some of the guys go bored and started shooting again.Eventually they saddled up and went back down the other side of the hill,then came riding up to our group(5 trucks-10-12 guys).I was going to inform them of thier ignorance,but then i though,hey they are QUAD riders. Geeezz. 😢

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