Who still sells graphic kits for 2001 WR426's??

I'm converting/freshing up what is now going to be my duel sporter, and would like to find a graphics kit +seat cover. I've looked at NStyle and a few other places, but no one seems to carry the older style of graphics.

Anyone seen some around??


Dodger :cry:

I don't know about "older style" , but I did notice while browsing through a BTOSports.com catalog I recently received in the mail, that they do carry several different kits for the WR line.

They had one kit for '00 - '02 from Ceet. Thanks for the help, I have something to fall back on.

Anyone else know of any??


They had one kit for '00 - '02 from Ceet....

Hmm, I know there was at least 3 or so in the paper catalog, but that may have been because my bike is an '04.

Good luck.

Try Graphic Effex. FX02-9734 Graphic kit and FX02-1734 for the seat. This is the WR seat and tank for a 98-01 WR426. Should fit an 02 as well.

I just put on a set yesterday from Factory Effex that I got from Rocky Mountain. My stock shroud graphics weren't too bad but the ones on the tank were pretty torn up and turning yellow. I ordered a set of their OEM graphics (think it said 98-02) but they were nowhere near the right size. Yamaha wants a small fortune for the stockers and this was the only set that I could find. They look pretty good too!! :cry: There is also a seat cover but I didn't get one so I can't comment on that. Here's the link-

WR Graphics

Here's a shot of them on my bike- didn't notice the airbox decals in the catalog but thought they were pretty cool! FX WR Graphics

Hope this helps! :cry:


Bump for Dodger!!

I recently got a set for my 01 on ebay.Got a good deal too.I think they are n-style.

Check out the Thumpertalk graphic kits, I think they sell for about $75 and they look sweet!

Check out the Thumpertalk graphic kits, I think they sell for about $75 and they look sweet!

Do they have graphics for the 426? :cry:

If not, how do the ones for 450s fit?


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