Let me know, Should I Sell or Should I Go?

I've got a nice '99 YZ400F. Ty Davis IMS tank, WR flywheel & stator, kickstand, headlight, spark arrestor. It's setup pretty nice for enduro type riding and I can street legalize it with a quick tire change and a tail/brake light, although I haven't gone through that process yet. So, I'm looking to upgrade this year to a new, lighter 450 for mx & enduro racing. Question is, should I keep the 400 for my trail riding and dinking around, or once I get a new bike, will I never ride the 400 again. I can get maybe $1800-2000 out of the 400, and that would be nice to be able to apply to a newer 450, although it's not totally necessary that I sell it for the money. Anyone that's kept their older bikes, do you ever ride them?

Is it worth 1800-2000 to you or more? I am also fighting with this decision on my 03 with too much money dumped into it....

A new 450 will cost you say 6000.00 do you want to use your current investment(that sounds hilarious)sell it for 2000 and come up with 4000? Or is your 400 worth more to you sitting and turning into a museum piece, as you will probably not ride it much at all once you get a new bike. If you are a collector...it may be worth more to you to just keep it - although it will continue to lose more and more value over time..

Here are your options:

1.you can always keep it and use it for a buddy bike - when one of your non-motorcycle owners want to ride with you.... :cry:

2.sell it now for more than it will be worth tomorrow :cry:

3.keep it in a corner of your garage til you get sick of looking at it and moving it - sell it and get squat for it.. :cry:

4. keep it and be happy that you kept it.. :cry:

what to do .......what to do :cry:

i had this same prop when i bought my new 2004 yz 250f.. now i have a 2001 husky cr125 that just sat around for a long time when i bought my 250f. but than i realize that when i took my 250f for its first woods ride.. it got beat in the woods. so then i figured that my husky is a great woods bike that its worth to keep it.

i would only get about 1500 to 2000 $$ for the husky and i no its worth more but it wasent worth me selling it.

Pluse i race motocross almost every race weekend and i need to keep my 250F for just racing and in good shape.

so i would just keep the 400 for woods and your new 450 for motocross.

If you think you can get it plated in your state, I would keep it. As a dual sport, it might open up some new riding areas/adventures for you. :cry:

I bought a new 2002 xr650l back in 2000 and just now bought a 98 yz400f. I love the 400 for stuff around here when I am taking short trips and feel like getting my butt kicked while smiling from ear to ear with the power, but for longer trips and softer ride the xr is my pick. I hear that the newer 450s have a better ride. I would keep the 400 and still get the 450. Nothing like having a bike down for whatever reason and not being able to ride knowing that you just sold a great bike.

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