Headlight question and recommendations

Hi, I went to the YZ forum hoping to get a few questions answered but time went by and still no answers and now Im hoping I could get the answers here.

Ok well I love the feel of my bike right now and I have about $350 to spend and figured for where and when I was riding, I want a headlight. I know I need a lighting coil and brackets but could someone show or explain to me how the process works and how its installed plus where I could get the 2. Thanks in advance and I love my YZ450. I would perfer it if I could go toward getting either a aftermarket headlight assembly or the WR one.

I believe Baja Designs has a conversion kit for the YZ450. I would imagine that you would need the stator modified of replaced in order for enough power to be available to run a head lamp. I am installing one of their kits on my WR today and I have found them to be helpful with tech questions. Give them a call @ 760-560-2252.

Anyone have experience with their kits?

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