soft luggage options

I'm a huge fan of the Ventura pack system. unfortunately they don't make a kit for the WR400 as yet. I just got my WR so haven't taken a hard look at the frame but are there suitable hardpoints?

Any other suggestions for a like setup? I intend to commute on the WR (as soon as I can figure out how to start the thing) and need to carry up to say 25lbs.

Hpoefully someone has an idea for you. I am after the same basic thing. I did find a rear fender rack from ProMoto Billet for $185. I am hoping there is something more reasonable out there. Also I would like to mount my new Baja Designs turn signals to a rack instead of drilling the rear fender like they show. This would be a good spot for a dune's flag as well.

Let the suggestions flow...........

Try they do some neat dirtbagz for dirtbikes of all kinds. I bought some for an adventure r ktm a couple years ago and they were top notch so bought a pair for aluminum boxes last year for touring. :cry:

So Ventura sent me their 250/450 kit for '03's. It doesn't fit but it's REALLY close. Here's to hoping they'll take my pics and measurements and make an actual 400 kit. Anybody know if the frame is the between the 400 and 426?


Here's a starting trick I learned here at TT. It works great for my 426. One or two kicks in 40 degree weather and she fires right up.

WITHOUT THE DE-COMP LEVER, kick your starter slowly until it locks up. The piston should be at top dead center now. Next, pull the de-comp lever and just press down on the kick starter enough to release the pressure. Now take get the kick starter all the way up and let her rip.

In cold weather, I'll twist the throttle twice after I turn on the choke to help prime the carb. DO NOT turn the thottle when you kick the bike. It will most likely just lock up and send a jolt from your leg up through the rest of your body.

Hope this helps. Good luck with the luggage. :)

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