True 05WR weight with /WO Estart

So has anyone weighed their 05WR? how close to 245 is it? How much less does it weigh with the estart hardwear removed? Im guessing 12 lbs of starter, battery, wiring etc....

Im considering the WR, but Im SKEERD of getting another heavy bike :cry:

I like the YZ250F weight but its not powerfull enough :cry:

BTW on a side note I rode an 05 YZ250 AL frame........can we say RIGID? :cry: Seemed really rigid compared to 04......

I would imagine 270 with all fluids.

I would imagine 270 with all fluids.


Oh no way fuhgetabout it. You sure?

All fluids? Gas/oil/radiator/skid plate/hand gaurds etc... sure.

Gas is arbitrary. Im talking REAL weight less fuel. Nobody weighs a bike with fuel. :cry:

Im talking the true unfueled weight with all fluids etc.....not the on the moon weight posted by Yamaha.

My DRZ K weighs 266 without fuel, the WR Im guessing is 250 ish but thats why Im asking.....

We always weigh with a full tank. Lets see what the bike really weighs. My WR is 275#'s full of fuel! Heavy turd!

We always weigh with a full tank. Lets see what the bike really weighs. My WR is 275#'s full of fuel! Heavy turd!

I don't know anybody who weighs bikes with gas... No magazine I've ever read weighs gas... It's always, all fluids-no gas... Pretty much the standard.. I do understand why you would.. Makes perfect sence that you might as well weigh the bike as you would ride it but why dock a bike that has a bigger tank....

Cisco, I'm gonna go ahead and pull a figure out of my butt... (like most things I say).. If you stripped the WR for all of its worth ie, Battery,starter,lights,smog and kickstand I'm guessing that you would be left with a bike that weighed......


I've stripped my 03 of everything but starter and battery and came up with 254, how much lighter are the 05s?

Cisco, One bike to consider is the YZ450 for off road.... The WR tranny will slip right in... Probably a 12 pack job.. :cry: Those bikes are really light.........................

I talked with Mitch at Zip Ty and thats what he suggested. Putting a WR tranny in a YZ. BUT the parts cost a grand :cry:

Im almost sold on the WR route less Estart. I HATE working the weight in the woods, although Ill mostly be racing desert.

Its really down to a YZ250 2 smoke...215lbs on a real scale all fluids no gas :cry: but felt like a stiffy :cry: and it gets crappy mileage in the desert :cry:

Or the WR which is a pig :cry: but has power, good susp, and fuel range.

Descisions descisions...........

Problem don't ride without fuel. I want to know what it weighs as ridden, hence with fuel.

I get the point about the fuel. It works for you.

For me it doesnt. Im comparing wet weights with fluids no fuel so I can judge against other bikes weighed the same way. So weight with fuel obviously doesnt follow the standard for given vehicle weights. We could guess that my 450SX weighs 255 with fuel....but its listed as 235 by KTM..........WITHOUT FUEL as is every bike out there. Thanks for the input though.

Problem don't ride without fuel. I want to know what it weighs as ridden, hence with fuel.

I agree.... Regarless what you and I think there is an industry standard that everyone goes by.. Just because your new WR came with a 2 gallon tank doesn't mean it lost 7 or 8 pounds this year, it just means it came with a smaller tank than last years bike... :cry:

My 05 weighed 254 lbs. with empty tank and all other fluids full. Next time we ride, take mine for a test ride.

Dont let the weight fool you, The 05 does not feel heavy at all. Before you consider scrapping the nice electric starter think again. Its a nice button when you need it, even though its starts very easily with a kick.

Hey Pat Ill take you up on that ride. 254 is a shade more than my initial guess. When you heading up here again?

As for scrapping the Estart, it would be an event that occured if the weight was a huge bother. As it is, I would remove the AIS, Light, rear fender and sidestand for racing. I would also invest in a FMF Ti Q muffler (expensive but SUPER light) and it mates with the new Ti header that comes OEM :cry:

Ill be adding a 3gal tank and Damper plus my 200lb butt so we shall see.

Unless the 2 stroke bug really bites(doubt it), Ill end up with this WR. I would have to do the least amount of hop up to race it. No susp mods, it has the 18" rear wheel....

Mainly the tank, top clamp/sub mount for damper, handguards, silencer, skid plate, power now and JD jet kit and the new Trail Tech enduro computer. Oh and the YZ plastic.

Im thinking its the plan. If it holds its weight similar to an EXC, then Ill be happy until I drop it on a hill :cry:

Next week I will have made a descision. Need to buy it before 12-31 to get the 0-0-0 financing deal. Now somebody PLEASE buy my 450SX!!!!! (I wish I could keep it :cry: )

I weighed mine full of gas. I was curious to see the load that gets carried around. 273lb is what she weighed, bone stock on a freight scale at work.

Geez my 1999 wr400 weighed 275 with 3.2 gallons of gas.

Geez my 1999 wr400 weighed 275 with 3.2 gallons of gas.

I have a 00' WR 400 also, and the 05' feel much lighter. Lower Center of Gravity makes a huge difference. Also bolting up a IMS ZipTy tank really helped that out also. :cry:

Interesting discussion. Just weighed my '03 KLX400r(DRZ400E) half full of fuel with all bush protection on and it's 280(285 full fuel approx). Reason of my interest is one on my buddies just picked up his new '04 WR450 which he got a pretty good deal on but he figures it's close to 300lbs on his scale full of fuel. (still kept his ole IT490:eek: )Better find a better scale:excuseme: I was considering an '05 wr450 later if resources permit but anyone know how much one weighs with skid plate,bark busters,rad guards,etc. AND full of fuel because this will be the deciding factor. I could care less about the dry weight as I always ride on a full tank. You don't hear much about engine troubles on these bikes and after the all the abuse I've seen the Yamaha's take first hand I have to admit I'm impressed. I'll take a few pounds for reliability any day.

My 01 WR426 with all fluids except gas and a Clarke 3.3 gallon tank, skid plate, hand guards and radiator guards weighed in at 265 lbs. which is why I dumped it for the 300 EXC.

I'm having a real hard time believing a WR450 weighs in at 254 lbs. wet without fuel. :cry:

Cisco, if you haven't ridden a '05 WR in the desert yet, I would wait til you do to make a decision. The bike turns on a dime, is easy to move around on and the suspension is awesome, soaking up the woops with ease. So try it at stock weight with all of its parts before you decide.

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