True 05WR weight with /WO Estart

Z50 Trail only bike I own that my feet touch the ground , if only that 450 engine could be stuffed in that frame.

I have ridden my 05 WR450 in the desert, on tracks and mountain trails. I am more comfortable on this bike than my CR250. The e-start is tits! My friend rides a YZ 450 and the kick start wears him out. If your only racing go with the YZ. If you like to joy ride and stop & go the WR is for you. The e-start works wonder when you get in tight situations and stall your bike!!! :cry:

Going down on a nasty hill---PRICELESS! :cry::cry:

I'm that friend that DesertWR is talking about. kick starters suck........I'm gettin kinda tired of him just pressin that button and ridin off... I should have my WR soon.....

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