cool site new freinds good times

Last week in my quest for info on my WR450 I found and hooked up with a new freind through this forum.So not only can you solve those tech.problems but hook up with new freinds new trails and good times.

Thanks thumpertalk.

This is the place for sure! Our WR members have a lot of collective experience and know how! TT is great! Welcome! :cry:

Yes, this website rawks! I have just begun but have already found two riders that are near me and look forward to possibly getting together and riding. The info here can't be beat either, this is the real testing grounds for equipment and parts. Who knows, maybe down the road this can become as big as abate. :cry:

Yup, it's a great site. I hooked up with 'barefootbob' last weekend for some awesome riding at CC Camp. We were both going to go with a group of friends but at the last minute both of our groups bailed on us and left us both flying solo. So at 11:00 on Saturday we made the call and ended up tearing it up Sunday. It was fun.

Thats rite two WR450's rippin through the woods 2 strokes moving out of the way here come the big boys on ther bad toys.BROOOOP!!!YEEEHAAA!!!!

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