steering head locknut tool needed?

I want to regrease my steering head and has anybody used any other tool than the oem model, maybe a punch and hammer?

I thought the OEM tool was a hammer and punch? Just kidding, but it works for me though.

yea....try a brass punch if you have one....if not a big flat head screwdriver will work

use a long punch that won't destroy edge. Make sure you don't overtighten - a very common mistake.. :cry:

I always use a pipe wrench.

I reccommend using a large set of adjustable pliars. The max torque on the nut is only supposed to be 5lbs when the final adjustment is made. Overtorqing the spanner nut will cause your bearings to wear out prematurely. I think the manual says to initially tighten the nut to 15 Ft lbs to seat the bearings and then reduce the tension to 5 Ft lbs before replacing the top clamp.

Bonzai :cry:

Home Depot /Lowes, has a tool for the nut under the sink that works really well, cost is like $8-15. Look in the plumbing section.

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