lube steering head,swingarm,rear shock,wheels etc frequently

the yamaha manual says to relube the steering head, swingarm,rear shock, wheels at least every three races. Ihave a 04 yz450 and I lube everything else except these so far, the manual doesnt have a great discription how to lube these things, any input would be great also what kind of grease to use?

What else are you lubing? :cry: Yea I do it about every 3-6mos - the steering head bearings are the most critical - Heat is the issue as well as pressure washing on these - Everything else every 6mos unless you ride in wet,muddy conditions - then a lot more often. I use Belray waterproof or Castrol :cry:

I do wheel bearings (grease them) and replace the seals every month. I so the swing arm and shock mount and headset with new seals every 6 months. In 5 years of rideing every weekend on both sat and sunday. In the nasty conditions of the northwest, I have never replaced a bearing.

the other stuff I lube per the manual , it says every race would be control cable,clutch lever pivot,shift pedal pivot,footrest pivot,throttle to handlebar contact,chain,tube guide cable winding portion,throttle cable end,clutchcable end and hot starter cable end.

well I take it to do the swingarm and wheel bearing you take it all apart and put the grease on by hand?Ive heard of guys installing zerks, but depending on how labor intensive it is I dont mind doing it every couple of months manualy.

thanks for the input any more would be great also.oh yea I also lube the fork seal and dust seal.

I don't install zerks because I feel it is better to take it apart and clean everything then lube it. I do it every 6 months.

I don't install zerks because I feel it is better to take it apart and clean everything then lube it.


Bonzai :cry:

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