Here are my buddy pegs pics... finally!

I finally followed some of you and went at photobucket to host my pics.

There should be no problems viewing them.

buddy pegs click here

Hope you'll like it. :cry:

now thats a good idea :cry: but were is your chain roler :cry: if you have lost it you better put another one on before your chain goes into the frame :cry:

Nice job... Did you use the PJ1 paint?

Yeah, that's the paint I used.

I sanded manually and then I put two layers of primer.

Then I putted two layers of PJ1 but I think it was not enough...they are already severely scratched... On the other hand, they are so exposed to everything that I'm not sure the paint will ever resist more than a weak no matter the number of layers I put...

I might have missed this before....

What are those pegs supposed to help with?

better riding position?

foot clearance?

Not sure if you're jocking or not.

These are passenger pegs. I bought them at a KTM dealer and fit them on my WR so I can bring my wife with me sometimes...

Have you tried doing a stand up wheelie on those yet? Good job, looks great!

Haven't tried the wheelie yet. Good idea :cry:

In fact, I had not even thought about it! :cry:

But I promise I'll give it a try next season :cry:

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