Need some more carb advice

Ya, I wasn't removing the carb from the bike either, just tilting it. I pulled the slide out because I like to work harder, not smarter :cry:

Did the YZ needle make a difference Burley?

Well, because was having problems unrelated to the needle, I installed it with the clip in the position (3rd I believe) equal to stock on the WR needle. Since I have no problems and the bike does seem to have a little better responce now, I am going to drop it one position and see what happens and let you all know.

Sorry for your problems, I spray carb cleaner around the areas wher ther could be a vacume leak while running if ther is a vacume leak the bike will rev alittle but you probly allready know this.Dont know much about the a.i.s. system but if its anything like the smog on a car if your plugs you used in place of your a.i.s are leaking the cold air into the head area big troubles with head and valves.Good luck

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