Cutting down the exhaust!

Cutting your muffler also will raise your loud motorbike, redneck coolness by about 5 points. As well as help piss more people off who are already mad at the noise levels of dirtbikes at both private land and motocross tracks. It is a great thing to do for the sport for extra power that you will probably not even notice that much. Sorry to be the PITA about this...but it is the truth

Oh come on!! Guys who go and buy PC or Yoshi exhausts are MUCH louder than a cut down stocker!! I think that you are going a lil overboard here :cry:

Tell that to McGrath who is fighting to keep his private track going...or to all the riders who have lost their places to ride. You are correct though, those other pipes are rediculous....

go quiet.....

these bikes have too much power stock, so why add more. put money into practice days and suspension/etc.

my YZ450 needs more power like I need a hole in my head.....

Hey, I never noticed that hole in my head.....

I would like to just cut down some of the mid range airflow vibration this bike has with stock exhaust. Does anyone have a setup that helps with the vibs?

I cut mine down 4" and also used a PMB end cap. I have a private track and when I did this I asked my Neighbors approx. 1/2 mile away, they said there was no noticable difference. It will make a small amount of more top end. I did not notice any low end loss, but I also run a 13 tooth front sprocket and a Power Now which helps your low end. If you do this I would suggest you tap the end cap and use button heads w/loctite.(this is very cost effective, looks good and allows you to run a spark arrestor.)

Cut it 5", when I got my 04 a year ago. Like the mod a lot. I took the ti endpipe off, and cut the outside aluminum, then rivet the end back on, and put some black Silicoln to seal it. Just a little louder, and looks great! Power wise, I can't tell, it has so much power at the get go!!

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