Spark arrestor suggestions?

What have you been using and do you like it? Ease of install? Will the machining degrade over time? Arrestor in/out alot for dez or moto? Just looking for some opinions.



I've got a Thunder Alley and I love it. I've never had the sparky out, but it looks like a quick, easy swap. Click here

Well, I haven't had much chance to test it, but I have a White Bros E-series S-bend slip-on that seems to be pretty cool. I was looking for something cheap, actually leaning towards an insert-type spark arrester (like pro moto billet or endo's or a similar product) that I could just rivet into the stock pipe. They're anywhere from $90-$150, so I figured that was the most economical way to go. However, I found this dude selling brand new in-the-box White Bros E-series exhausts on Ebay, which have the spark arrester built in to the end of the can. I bid on one for the helluvit, ended up winning it for $97 + shipping. Retail price is supposedly over $250, so I think I got a pretty good deal, and I figured why buy an insert when I can get a whole new pipe. As far as installation goes, I will say that it's a damned tight fit. The back side of the s-bend is about a millimeter from the spring, I'm talking TIGHT. You've gotta take the headpipe and everything apart just to get enough room to sort of wiggle the thing in was tons of fun. Supposedly the e-series gives you a couple more horsepower, but I haven't ridden it enough since I installed it to tell the difference. It comes with 12 discs that you can take in and out to tweak the power delivery and noise level. I used only 4 discs because they said that is about equal to stock, that way I didn't have to mess around with air/fuel mixtures and all that stuff. It looks pretty nice, actually pretty similar to the stock can but with a little more polish to it. The S-bend pipe instantly turned goldish where it connects to the headpipe after testing the bike out, but still looks decent. Since I was only able to buzz the bike around my neighorhood, I can't give the pipe a glowing review just yet, but so far, so good. Hoping to get it out this coming weekend and really check it, but I'd say if you can find a deal like I did, it's well worth it. If the pipe falls off and my bike self-destructs this weekend, I'll let you know! :cry:

edit: oh, and the spark arrester plate pops in and out just like the rest of the discs, 5 minute job.

I've got the pro moto billet. It was easy to install and only take a couple of minutes to swap out the spark arrestor. It makes the stock pipe a little more flashy. No noticeable difference in performance. Maybe a little louder without the spark arrestor installed. :cry:

i also have the pmb end cap. very simple. i would definately suggest getting it if you arent looking at spending a couple hundred for a new silencer.

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